Review: “The Goon Vol. 1: Nothin’ But Misery,” by Eric Powell


I admit to to have read this issue before reading issue 0, and being quite confuse. Meaning I had to rewrite my own review, because my previous comments were not necessary true.

This particular issue collects the Goon 1-4 and the Colored Special.

Story: The Goon, is a massive beast of a man who roams the streets with his partner Franky in search for those that owe him money, among them are lowlives, monsters-man, thugs and zombies. The early tales seem only string along by few stories. With otherwise funny theme and outrages circumstances and all seems face value until the story of the Buzzard, which excellent part given us not only art shift but insight of the western world and necromancy, where the Goon arch-enemy the Zombie Priest shown that he being pulling the strings for very long time.

Art: Say what you will about the story, which I shall, but this art was gorgeous! I looked some of the early sketches and they still good and if you notice they resemble something between old movie sketches of the horror flicks and the weird tales magazine covers. I am going to continue with pressing the art, why? Because Eric Powell, is the writer and artist that why. I was instantly impressive with it reminiscences of something like the early pulp novels but very detailed and I all into it. And excellent fight scenes! My gosh when the Goon hits something, it thrown into a wall it has gravity, weight and things crumple down.

the goon action 2.png

Dialogue: Hugh, that part that pains me, I know this again mean to be more of comedy, perhaps I wasn’t in the best of moods when reading this but, it just seem long winged and like they were trying to hard, to make a statement or joke. I once again said the best part was when the story started to focus on the Buzzard, the Zombie Priest and what going in the world and really don’t care for Franky.


Continues in: The Goon Vol. 2 My Murderous Childhood (and Other Grievous Yarns)

Conclusion: This is one those comic I saw floating around for years before I ever even got the idea to start reading it. And let me share something with you guys, I am a huge fan of the thugs vs hideous monsters, it came from playing Call of Cthulhu RPG, man playing a homeless guy back from the war using tummy gun to fight off what goes bumping in the night during or being a delineate with presumably too much time and dead wish is even greater. So you must understand, why looked to a book such as this and curiously glance at it. Yet something always made me back away from this title and sadly I know what its, so go into it knowing fully well this not my cup of tea because, it satire!

Yes, ladies and gentleman I am not into satire much in the writer or drawing form, great in movies and plays. Not in comics.

Look not every review is fun, some are more difficult than others and this one, was particular challenging for me, but when I got the the part of the backstory of the Buzzard (how many time can say this!) spoiler art here, well the western theme won me over and I taught, this why I review comic books! Because this simple moment in which everything can change.

I don’t think this will appeal to many people, it has hardly no running story with strange world that you just sort of accept, the goofy things and rare moment of story telling make for interesting mix. Again, remember this very successful comic and being critic be a guy with a blog, so you win Mister Powell.

Which I have to say, Eric Powell somewhat of hero, man a comic book artist and writer at the same time, and hell love his art and when his writing something serious he is darn good at it!

If someone let you borrow this before buying or you can give a scoop bore I would, before purchasing it.



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