Review: “Lucky Luke Vol 1: Billy the Kid” by René Goscinny and Morris

Hello folks! I am writing this in April Fool day not because it fake review, but because you are fool if you never read Lucky Luke. This cowboy is a creation of Morris who refine it while at stay in the US and René Goscinny, famous for his Asterix books.

Story: Lucky Luke is looking for work when he comes across the town of Texas called For Weakling. Quickly he learns the town folks are complete control of Billy the Kid, and they fear him into the point of not even mentioning him as desperado. Luke enlist as the town sheriff and tries to place the spoiler kid behind bars.

Art: Fantastic what else would you expect from the visionary René Goscinny who brought us Asterix. And if I dare say Lucky Luke does some experimental things that possible could not being done in other series, the color contrasting of shadows and empty white backgrounds to solidify characters expression and emotions.

lucky luke 1.png

Lucky Luke first encounter with the terrified folks of Fort Weakling

lucky luke 3.png

I actually really like this panel because it reminded me of early Bugs Bunny cartoons

Dialogue: There isn’t as many puns as with other comedy series. Again hate to compare to Asterix but I must. The humor is different, it instead focusing in things such as ludicrous events, incredibly irritating character behaviors and much more. Yet Lucky Luke is not silly read, mostly because of the setting in the West and Luke himself taking things quite serious.

Lucky luke 2.png

The incredibly bratty and frustrating Billy the Kid, can’t read so he drags this poor old man around

lucky luke 4.png

Ah, love rich looking Lucky Luke

Continues in: Lucky Luke Vol 2: Ghost Town

Conclusion: Unlike the Asterix series and Tintin, Lucky Luke’s English translation is publish out off order. And while this cowboy has less of a story that both them, there still some relevance for example a scene in which the Dalton brother’s show up and afraid of Billy makes no sense to someone who never before read the series.

Aside from that this book was great, I mean the writing just made me hate Billy. I was flipping pages just waiting for him to get it and Luke ingenuity is just perfect, with all the sense of the West add to it. Perhaps the reason this was chose as first book was because of quality.



4 thoughts on “Review: “Lucky Luke Vol 1: Billy the Kid” by René Goscinny and Morris

    1. I personally think that the later Lucky Luke volumes are amazing. I would not even bother with the early ones, they have poor quality art and story lackluster

      1. This the first in the series in the English translation, the actual real one is call Dick Digger’s Gold I did review for that one too. Check it out if you have time

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