Review: “Lucky Luke Vol 2: Ghost Town” by René Goscinny and Morris

And we continue with the tales of Lucky Luke the fastest cowboy.

Story: Lucky Luke is travel the western front when he comes across two shady characters who introduce themselves as Denver Miles and Colorado Bill, soon the gang comes across a ghost town call Gold Hill. The group soon depart when hermit attacks then in the ghost town, upon arriving in the next town of Bingo Creek, the tale of the hermit, Old Powell, who was trick into buying a gold mine that was salted. Soon the two shady characters get an idea to re-buy the mine and sell again, it up to Lucky Luke to stop them.

Art: The art improve greatly with the artist actually doing a flashback scene where the characters shown aging in the panels. Another thing is how awesomely flowing characters reactions are upon being hit or shot at. One my the other improvement was the backgrounds which have become quite bit more solid.

Lucky LukeThe shady gamblers make their appearance 

Lucky Luke 2Here we not only see young Powell, but also the gamblers in their underwear outfit

Dialogue: Oh this really good translation. I mean the two shady gamblers are perfect with their antics and Old Powell with his rather frustrated behavior and unwillingness to change and the middle of it all you got Lucky Luke acting like white knight. It really does make for a very fun and great read that anyone can enjoy.

Lucky Luke 3.pngOld Powell and Lucky Luke show off their shooting skills

Lucky Luke 4.pngI love this scene with the old man in the wheelchair sort reminds of friend of mine

Continues in: Lucky Luke Vol 3: Dalton City

Conclusion: From the moment read this book till the end of it, I was wondering how this story would wrapped up. As I could not see a happy ending, mostly when plot twist happens.

Again I must say the Lucky Luke tales can be fun to read in afternoon where you want to relax and not think of much, just good happy moment. I once heard someone say comics should be fun, and perhaps this one is one of them, but by no means that means all them should be that way, but that topic for another moment.

Going back to the review this was excellent comic, with incredibly fun moments and good plot and above all characters that were likable. So surely tell you give this one a try.



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