Review: “Doom Patrol Vol 2: The Painting that Ate Paris” by Grant Morrison

The saga of oddities continues. And just like the previous volume I read this one couple of times, and let me tell you I still find new things and excitement even after nearly ten years of having in my possession.

This particular volume collects Doom Patrol (26 -34)

Story: Within the last pages of the previous volume we glimpse at the new Brotherhood of Evil, now we see them fully form and rename the Brotherhood of Dada. Quickly we see the Brotherhood under the leadership of Mr. Nobody, steal a mysterious painting with properties unlike anything we ever seeing. Once in their hands the Brotherhood activities the painting and takes Paris with them into the abstract world within the painting, hence the name this collection. But that not all; later the team must rescue Crazy Jane from herself, fight the Cult of the Unwritten who threaten to summon their god to unmake the world with the help of occult Templar Willoughby Kipling and finally face the Brain and Monsieur Mallah.

doom-patrol-3Within the edge of the painting

Doom Patrol 8.pngConfronting the Cult

Art: The little part with the team inside the painting deserve ton of attention, the artist had the art style change for each painting style; impressionism, cubism and realism among the many. That ladies and gentleman is incredibly impressive and tip my hat off to him. I believe because the use of esoteric imagines and faces filled with fears. Yes, this one thing this issue does a lot of faces distorted with pain, fear or disgust and amazing at it. The fight not shabby either.


The Question, utilizing her random set of powers

doom-patrol-7The heroes trap within the Painting

Dialogue: Morrison pack this issues full of bizarre ideas, I mean one minute the dialogue breaks into such lavish and complex ideas that you’re having to wrap your mind around what seems to be the very edge of insanity.

doom-patrol-9What else can be said in this moment

Continues in: Doom Patrol Vol 3: Down Paradise Way

Conclusion:  If you taught the previous book when odd, you didn’t even see the mountain that is this disorienting adventure, but guess what I love it! Yes, this issue is filled with all sort of incomprehensible tales from the Painting that it Paris and the monster trap inside of it, and won’t spoil you what inside. As for the struggle with the Cult of the Unwritten Book, I could spend hours detailing the number of grotesque creations Morrison invented for them. You have to give to the man for imagination, I mean the little details and the artist for bringing this ideas into paper.

Now for the bad, truly Morrison couldn’t use Constantine so he created his own occult detective, Willoughby Kipling, and the chap incredible annoying and arrogant, also what happen to the Boy who didn’t even get name but was major player, and also Morrison had no real excuse to have Robotman’s body do what it did and the following pages with the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, I mean that part feels like some bad Saturday cartoon, with them blowing up without the team even moving a finger.

As for this issue it even harder for people to get into it because how odd it get, I mean some of the parts are just going to be glance over by most folks and go, no thank you. For that reason I only recommend to someone wanting to dig into something that unlike anything else.



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