Review: “Kid Eternity,” by Grant Morrison

I found this in a box of comics my friend owns, and because fan of Morrison’s work and offbeat comics I said sure, let give this a try and then hit me, I wonder why Morrison choose Kid Eternity, I love to ask him why and what drove him to such obscure character. What do know however is that I wanted to read this series as much wanted to as him the man himself, why Kid Eternity.

Story: Jerry Sullivan, is a 28 year old yuppie, who find himself in a deadly accident while at party, where creatures know as Shichiriron attacked him and killed several others, maybe even him. But Jerry Sullivan is lost within a world of his own, within a world of symbols and chaos within the world that Kid Eternity inhabits.

Kid Eeternity.png

It difficult to understand but it look as if Jerry is dead, but to Kid Eternity this maybe the right ticket

Art: At first it was bit difficult to even fallow what was going on, but after few pages you start to get hold for the art. But man is it insane, is it jarring and is completely different from everything you have ever encounter, it such chaos I feel as if I am part of that world of symbol and numerology. I think works wonders for the story, as we are spiraling into a world of meanings are numbers and numbers are symbols.

Kid eternity.png

Fascinating pages and convoluted occult attack your senses in every page and your left wondering is this a spell in paper format, a way for Morrison’s to tap into the unconscious collective or just freakish comic?

Dialogue: Most the comics is set a monologue of fragmented taught, with mixture of Kid Eternity and our antagonistic priest to trek along the world of unreality, of deep consciousness. As with most esoteric works, be prepare for a plethora of strange dialogue that could be and couldn’t be.

Kid Eternity 3.png

Transverse the Hell, the mind, the reality of our logos

Kid Eternity 2.png

Life and death, reality and dreams

Continues in: Limited series

Conclusion: Morrison’s experimental treatment of lesser known characters using unorthodox narratives makes for an interesting read, that most will not find appealing. The art and dialogue mix into a world, that possibly exist only within the main character head, therefor it becomes hard to judge what real and not. What is the story and what is just experiment of writings.

I personally found this fascinating but I know my friend could careless for it, yet even I have to say sometimes I felt I needed to connect to invisible cosmic strings to understand what was going on, pages were read over and over just to get glimpse at the tell being told here.

I think many will find this frustrating. This comic book goes to show not everything Morrison makes is gold, some silver other is bronze. Pick this up only your into psychological comics, otherwise skip it.



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