The Adventures of Asterix Vol 2: And the Golden Sickle” by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

I first came across the Golden Sickle while on a trip to Bariloche, Argentina. It was next to an issue of Playboy on the newsstand, but any interest I had in the blonde on the adult magazine cover was lost the moment I saw another Asterix book. I was unable to buy the issue at that time, but after reading it several years later I became aware for the first time that there was actually plot continuity within the series. Yes, it had taken me that long to realize there was a running storyline with focus.

Story: Getafix accidentally breaks his golden sickle which gives magic properties to the mistletoe cut with it, those being major ingredient of the potion. And above that he can’t attend the conference of the druids in the woods. Its up to Asterix and Obelix to travel to Lutetia (another Gaul village) and obtain golden sickle from Obelix’s cousin Metallurgix. However while traveling through the forest and easily taking care of both bandits and wolves, the gang learns that they are few to none golden sickles in Lutetia. Upon arriving they quickly discover why, Metallurgix is missing! Quickly they are approached by friendly Gaul name Clovogarlix and soon their trouble truly start

the star of our adventure.png

The events that lead to our journey

Art: There are no changes in art. However we do see small things change from the first book: such Obelix not carrying ax, Getafix not looking as sinister or feeble. Among some the best moments are the characters moving, as you can clearly tell they are in mid action. Some of the later fights look incredibly painful yet still cartoony. As far as background go this even more impressive than before, with more color and detail.

th bandits.png

Our team dispatching bandits without single problem

Dialogue: This were the book starts to shine, with puns and running gags. Particular the one about characters Roman names or using Latin expressions.We develop Obelix fascination with board meat; his simply behavior, Asterix temper and above all his cunning and wits, witch we seeing earlier volume.

pax romana.png

This becomes a running gag of Asterix being send to the Centurion and then the Prefect

Continues: The Adventures of Asterix Vol: And the Goth

Conclusion: This actually quite interesting concept as far as comic goes. From smuggling, kidnapping and thrill seeking. I mean just wait to you see that ending. It been years and still didn’t expect it. Plus this the first book in which the Gaul are our enemies and not the Romans, they are actually keeping the peace for once and our gang causing the problems.

As the sequel of the the first book, this rather refreshing as we get investigation plot and our characters do a little less fighting and more figuring out. I say people should really give this one try.



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