Review: “The Sandman Vol 1: Preludes & Noctures” by Neil Gaiman

Unlike with Grant Morrison, Alan Moore or Warren Ellis, I didn’t not seek after Neil Gaiman’s work. I found it most frustrating read and quite pompous. So imagine my surprise that upon picking up this book I felt in love with it.

Story: Morpheus,  is one the Endless eternal entities that represent concept we mortals must deal with, in his case, dreams. But when Morpheus King of Dreams find himself prisoner of the humans, he must silently wait until the day of his freedom. And upon that they he must return as the king long forgotten.

Art: Not always the best, in some strange moment the line art seem great in other pale and with very little detail.

Dialogue: Here the book triumphs with amazing paragraph about us mortals, about the complexity of death and simplicity of the act, depression and suicide and even more

Continues in: The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll’s House

Conclusion: Sandman, is a mixture between horror comics and cosmic anthologies. What I mean with that is, that it retains the cosmic pantheon and abstract imagery of deities and power that comic can give us, but add element of horror.

Gaiman dose particularly well in a giving an ageless, near emotionless and abstract personification of dreams, as very relatable and awesome personality. It a must read!


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