Review: “Tom Strong Vol 1” by Alan Moore

Alan Moore, long career in superhero deconstruction speaks for itself but as this comic show it, he must some moment grown tire and wish to express a love for it golden age. And because his Alan Moore, he did it perfectly.

This particular volume collects 1-7

Story: Tom Strong is science hero that lives in the futuristic Millennium City, there he faces against all possible threats, from conquerors from other dimensions, sky pirates mad genius and Nazi fem squads. Yes, Tom world is populated with classic tropes of comic book, something that seems all the more relevant when we know comics play increasingly important role in this world.

Tom Strong.pngI enjoy the mixture of metafiction, a common trope mention in Doom Patrol

Tom Strong 11

A look into tomorrow’s adventure, Tom Strong of 2030!

Art: I love the art for this series, it mixture between the old pulp art and the new more define style. What creates it sense of nostalgia that permanents through the comics. They are few art changes some better than others. But most are done in the unique ways of flashbacks, so it quite interested.

Tom Strong 8.pngFemenazi, I believe this is trope even before the word was invented

tom strong 9.pngYounger Tom Strong just sort of mixture of Doc Savage and Flash Gordon

Dialogue: The earlier parts about Tom Strong’s childhood are incredibly moving. With the later parts are homage to the pulp comics of yesterday, several flashback have Tom speech in matter that resemble more the days of childhood comics. While this Alan Moore they are no greater than life speeches, but those not mean it silly. It quite smart picking at the existing tropes.

Tom Strong 6.pngI found this to be one of the most interested speech bubbles I seeing very long time

Tom Strong 7.pngI always love anything with South or Central Americans became the dominant race

Continues: Tom Strong Vol 2

Conclusion: This unlike any of Moore work, it more akin to something you would see Grant Morison, well with all the little trivia in this book and reference. I mean even the comment section in the back as trivia, yes not kidding you! There mentioning of David Goodman Croly becoming president of the US and Winsor McCay becoming architect for the skyscraper covered Millennium City.

So here my honest review; I think Moore has become a character actor of comic books. Sort of creator actor, you know what to expect. Dark themes that deconstruction heroes, that challenge the status quo, among Swamp Thing, Watchman, Top Ten and so on. But that not what Tom Strong is, what Tom Strong is homage to all those comic of yesterday.

All that means little because I particularity never care for the nostalgia in this comic. And for all the trappings this comic has, it allure of pulp heroes, it style of art and even the characters, to me it just not enough. And could be me, reading for it to be another of Moore’s dark works with it not. It something you can present to anyone and everyone.

I will not personally not buying it.



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