The Adventures of Asterix Vol 3: And the Goth” by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

This one the few were your going to get lost if you don’t know your European history as most them are puns or reference. Aside from that let dig in.

Story: Our heroes are escorting Getafix to the edge of the forest were the druids are having their annual conference. They meet up with Getafix old friend, Valueaddedtax and head for the forest of Carnutes. However they are unaware that Roman Legionaries have spotted Goth in the area and upon spotting our heroes they question them, the usually quickly resolved when the druids use their magic to prove to the Romans who they are. We learn then that the Goths are planning on kidnapping a druid who be capable of aiding them in defeated the Romans and Gaul. After Goths kidnapped Getafix it up to our heroes to rescue him.

Art: This books offers us some unique moments to see our character.  out their familiar outfits and into new wardrobe. Their also the ton of pig panels of chaos which love in which the Romans fight back and fought, then their is the part of the Goth.

asterix as legionares.png

Our heroes as Legionaries

asterix dress as goth.png

Our heroes as Goth

Dialogue: This story focus more than the previous on comedy. Using funny situations to put the characters in otherwise bizarre situations. And making several reference to the Goths and future German behavior, from their helmets, speech pattern (which I really like) and food choices.

Continues: The Adventures of Asterix Vol: The Gladiator

Conclusion: I really like how their continuity, as we remember from the previous book they were seeking the golden cycle for the upcoming druid festival, which we see here is happening. That give a more sense that we are having a long running story, something that first you don’t feel.

Ok, for the other part. The Goths are pre-Germanic tribes so their puns and jokes about what today we call cliche from the Germans, like the spike helmets and their mannerism. I even felt their were few times we were class of classic European history with teacher who was prankster, and that actually pretty good but gonna say most folks are not going to get it.

Then there the entire thing of borders jokes, which are amazingly funny if you ever lived in Europe and get the references. Other than that this sort of rehash plot from the first book in which our heroes rescue Getafix from the Romans, but using the Goth instead. I will add that the ending is somewhat unpredictable as most of the Asterix books are and that good thing.



8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Asterix Vol 3: And the Goth” by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

  1. I’ve read this book on online and it shows hilarious Illustrations. It’s the first time I have seen Getafix kidnapped. Can anyone remind what is the other book that he got Kidnapped?

      1. Yes, when he feeds them the magic potion and everyone gets into massive brawl. That was interesting way to take out their opponents, I originally didn’t included it in, in the review because I was afraid that was too much spoilers

    1. Actually, there more reviews but they have not being posted. You see, I am slowly transferring my old site from Wix to WordPress, that why you turn around and article half finish and next day or and hour is finish or other articles show up

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