Review: “Hellboy Vol 1: Seed of Destruction,” by Mike Mignola

Halloween is rights upon us soon the black mass shall rice and those begin the lengthy celebration of Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) and for you Neopagans it Samhain. For this dark celebrations to come I prepare some special reviews. Selecting drench the malevolent arts, where monster may raise to devour our little humans souls. So beware you little ones.

Story: Toward the end of Second Great War, desperate for a miracle Hitler enlisted the aid of the Russian wizard, Rasputin. This events would eventually give raise to both Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, B.P.R.D. In today time an older Hellboy has become not only agent of the B.P.R.D. but lead his own team, however when his mentor his killed. Hellboy begging to suspect there more than just simple occult behind this. And he must track down a resurrected Rasputin before he bring the chaotic first gods in our world.

seed of destruction.png

Frog are common theme in this book

seed of destruction 2.png

Rasputin, our main nemesis

Art: Actually now that look at Mignola’s art is good and unique, fits perfect with pulp style for Hellboy and the shadows and growing shades of torments. Some fights scene filled bit stiff but that only to be expected.

seed of destruction 3.png

Hellboy delivering the punishment

seed of destruction 4.png

Use of color in this particular page is amazing

Dialogue: Can you say hardboil, this comic has feel like the pulps of yesterday which obviously trying to catch that feel, but with none of the silliness. Or otherwise childish points. Now this comic also dips into the horror aspect and fear which does very good job at representing as our villains speak of impossible evils and things that bend the mind.

Continues in: Hellboy 2: Wake the Devil

Conclusion:I had issues with Mignola’s art when I was bit younger, perhaps I was immature and was looking to satisfied my eyes with incredibly detailed art much the same as Alex Ross. That sort of thinking prevented me from ever reading Hellboy, well no more. I’m digging into now!

Writing much like one those horror tales which H.P. Lovecraft was so particularly famous for, with a dash of detective stories. What is great is this origin book, and they can either make you or break you, and you see from the other four volumes and several others of Hellboy related media, Mignola didn’t fail. He created a new and very successful character with new universe to live in much the success of Spawn. I suggest reading it, because of the atmosphere, there many who try to emulate the pulp feel and there few who like Mignola that manage to actually pull it off.




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