Review: “Resurrection Man,” by Dan Abnett

Here were are at the 8 of November, the day I when into production (yes, my birthday), there has been many issues sense then, a few crossovers, editors change and once I believe they tried to reboot my character as gritty street punk, didn’t stick.

I couldn’t tell you how I heard about it, maybe it was through chance or perhaps I was researching something. Yes, I do believe it was late at night and I was pouring through heroes that were unconventional, someone to ease the pain of meritocracy that become my collection of superhero comics or maybe dreamed all of that? Sorry being reading too much Neil Gaiman at night. The truth is lost to the annals of history, but what I do remember is how much I love the first issue. I read over and over again. And as soon I saw the collective comic in store I knew I had to have it.

Resurrection Man, is Dan Abnett original creation brought about the cliche of death is a revolving door in comic books and I waited for years, hunting down issues until finally it was all here. In this collection and can you believe it? I couldn’t, with tagline “His dying to save you” and dripping with 90s and political characters it was all for the taking.

This particular volume collects 1-13

Story: Mitch Shelley is hobo living life rough in the snow and hunger, confuse over who he is. When one day he confronts a gang trying to kill a few kids and dies and within a few minutes, comes back mysteriously alive. Mitch’s mind shaken be the events, so much that start to remember a life he left behind. As he start to piece the puzzle that was him, two attractive female assassin the Body Doubles come after him. Dying and finding that each time he does so a little more comes back, Mitch makes his way across the USA all while helping folks and finally arrive at Viceroy, South Carolina. Fully unaware a malevolent immortal know only as Hooker is following him. Later when capture by Body Doubles, Mitch falls pray to the Godwave from the event Genesis and left briefly powerless.

ressurection man.png

His dying to save you, ah what tagline

ressurection man 2.png

Moments like this make the comic feel so much more human

ressurection man 3.png

Aside from being freak Hooker, has strange nail polish and sandals wearing getup

Dialogue: Much of the dialogue is monologue by Mitch talking of his endless walks, his rogue living and much of the wisdom of the streets. Which actually rather nice and fresh, as it not filled with working anger but sort of confusion and grounded morality. Upon gaining his memories back Mitch becomes bit more pessimistic and reflective of his previous life, and making sure he makes amends for his past actions.

ressurection man 4.png

Electric Superman and Kyle as active Green Lantern we sure are in the 90s

ressurection man 5.pngYou see that it Popeye in the left!

ressurection man 6.png

Mitch sketchy pass comes floating back

ressurection man 7.png

Hooker is revealed as the man who can’t die and Mitch as the man who can’t stay dead

ressurection man 9

Introducing player 3!

Art: The art is rough with hard lines, that give his comic book darker and edgier look to itself which perfect for the theme and the over all ascetic of the 90s. However they are few art changes, all which disastrous as they fail to capture the grittiness of the book and the one chapter were we got few Kirby like art, is just awful.

ressurection man 8.png

I don’t know what worse the Kirby art of an entire issue focus on the Body Doubles

reussection man 9.pngEven in other people comic Batman’s dialogue still the best

ressurection man 10.png

Hitman! Really that obscure characters even for you Resurrection Man

Continues in: Cancel (never collected)

Conclusion: Don’t be fool by the title this is far from a superhero tale; the main character never even uses the name Resurrection Man, instead going by his full name Mitch Shelley, there also no costume in his part, except for trench coat and nice fedora. A trademark he sometimes even loses, so ascetic are not the main goal here.

While I must say, I’m positively the only Resurrection Man fan, having collected all his works. However, I always felt his potential was never fully tapped into; first his powers seem to fit more of the macabre side of DC which leans to potential for Vertigo and must say Dan Abnett is excellent writer, but not capable bringing out the weird. I do believe the lack of sales in part of Resurrection Man are that his character does not shine, perhaps someone more qualified such as Alan Moore or Grant Morrison would be fitted for the book. Even Neil Gaiman and maybe saying this because I seeing those man turn odd concept such as this into gold.

Now for the actual concussion; the first few chapters are great and have you wondering why Mitch doing what his doing and just where is he going. Upon discovery of his identity then it became a game of why they done this to me, again interesting but fill with lot of filler chapters. Toward the end of the first volume things really do get heated, but only last a few issues.

All in all I suggest you pick up the book and see for yourself what story about a wondering immortal solving problems can be so darn interesting.



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