Review: “All-Star Superman Vol 1,” by Grant Morrison

When first heard the announcement that Grant Morrison would be attached to a Superman project I jumped for joy, and once I got my hands on it, I read in a day and in less than an hour. So without any further a do, I give my review on it.

This particular volume collects 1-6

Story: Luthor’s machination have caused Superman to become supercharge with solar energy greatly shortening his life. Superman start to puzzle his life together, his identity and just what he really wanted to do for the world. Sojourning through an emotional and superhero quest of biblical proportions, that makes from battling new foes to confessing his love and proving his final labor.

All star superman 2

Moments like this however make the comic story truly feel excellent

Art: Frank Quitely and Morrison’s have collaborated for years, working together to bring the best out of each others. Yet, I never quite got use to Quietely’s art, it gives a quality of inhumanism that is best suited for monsters, spacecraft and horror sequence. Yet in normal moments, the characters feel soft and pudgy and constantly sweating given a strange effect. Because as how much the comic relays on the strange and weird science I can excuse it, but I still would had like a better artist for this magnificent story.

All star superman 1

While this remains are really good scene the art is just awful in the view

All star superman 3.png

Jimmy as Doomsday that just amazing and mean that fight looks way better than previous human art

all star superman 4

If you remember that the same figure from Grant Morrison’s DC One Million

Dialogue: There exist a monumental amount of trivia about the Superman universe. Pages tell of Golden & Silver age, but the focus is not on the small trivia and history of the characters, but how close is death. We see Superman struggle with his mortality, with how powerful he is but how normal he also is. His Fortress of Solitude is filled with relics of fights, his own personal zoo with strange creatures and most important memories of Krypton. Which we have always seeing but in this case we touch on them and how they remind him of times pass.

Continues in: All Star Superman: Vol 2

Conclusion: Morrison’s treatment of Superman is excellent, with hints at Superman Prime from his DC One Million and even more we see what the character would be like if allow to breath and live, and not shackle as “concept”. Much like his work in Batman, he brought the character to an entire new level. But it does not mean it not without flows, the side characters still seem flat mostly Lois and everyone at the reporting business. They are all just one dimension and flat.

But how those this compare to Alan Moore‘s story of the same concept, I tell you how. Like day and night, while Moore sought to humanize Superman and turn him from his god like powers to every man who struggles Morrison turn the god into figure of hope that we can trust, into something material. Again I mention a biblical proportion, in this story we are told Superman is symbol. I suggest you read both.



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