Review: “Irredeemable Vol 1,” by Mark Waid

And here we have the legendary Mark Waid man behind Kingdom Come, 52 and editor of Batman Gotham by Gaslight, all stories which I enjoyed reading. I saw this comic just many times as saw Invincible but for some reason never pick up any, nor much from Booms! Studio, but that changing today.

This particular issue collects 1-4

Story: The world most powerful superhero the Plutonian, has gone rogue and is murdering superheroes and destroying the world one city at a time, no one is safe. But why? Who did this to him? Was the ungrateful masses, lost love or something deeper than that. His old team tries to raise against time while hunted be the deranged hero.

Irredeemable 1.pngIn his infernal crusade the Plutonian has no mercy

Irredeemable 4.pngI want this image become show Plutonian old costume, white and cape. While new one is black and no cape, and he has different hair style. Evil always changes your fashion

Art: Ugh I do not like this art, it’s fully digital and feels so flat, like someone scan pages and didn’t bother to add depth. Another incredibly frustrating things is hard for this art to give a scope of people feelings, here were once again the writing saves the day. There few fight scenes as the Plutonian is unstoppable, so there not much there but what do get see is good. It demonstrates how powerful his character really is.

Irredeemable 2Turns out that if you lie to everyone about who you are people don’t like that

Dialogue: And here we get to the real good part. As this one those stories were it starts in the late middle, it does wonderful job at catching us up as to the state of the world. The fear of the Plutonian being there any moment, the paranoia of heroes as they run for their lives. The few glances we got of the Plutonian as hero seem good until, his behavior is question by humans and then we see what sort train wreck he was from the start. We also see he incredibly intelligent, which only match be his pervert sexual fantasies.

Irredeemable 3.pngTeam up with loser villains? Oh come on Plutonian you above that

Irredeemable 5.pngDon’t think just hero type who the Plutonian is after, is really anyone

Continues in: Irredeemable Vol 2

Conclusion: I didn’t know what to think when open the first pages of Irredeemable, but after four pages I knew I stumble into something great. I read the entire book in one sitting, not even moving. And heck when got to the end I was like really it done already? Did someone steal my pages! That how much like it folks.

The story remind me of something from the early days of the Authority, which to say deconstruction of superheroes and placed in real world, much like Alan Moore tends to do. And it work amazing, I was sitting the edge my chair continuously wondering “will he find them and kill them?” giving the story a suspends and terror filled. Which adds to the layers. One thing for sure we pick the feeling that the Plutonian hates people lying to him. And that his incredibly feed up with folks easily flipflopping over not being rescue fast enough or problems still being there.

As for the negative? I can’t stand the art, I never wanted art change as much in long while.

I would highly tell you to pick up this story



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