Review: “Irredeemable Vol 2,” by Mark Waid

I have to declared that Mark Waid is a genius, just the anticipation alone was enough to kill me, I love this series! Everything about is incredibly well put together.

This particular issue collects volume 5-8

Story: We learn more of the Plutonian troubled passed and what caused him to go down this spiral of hate and destruction. But what more important we learn about his team the Paradigm, the once heroes and friends of the most powerful hero in the world and how they each in there own way took something from him.

Irredeemable 6.pngThe Plutonian spread fear and paranoia

Irredeemable 9.pngSo even superheroes have closet of uhm things huh?

Art: The art remains the biggest failure in this comic, but hard to focus on the art of such a good story. I will admit I was waiting for big fight against the Plutonian but when the heroes started fighting one another, I was instantly a failure. Oh that wait for nothing, there was too much use of digital enchantment. To the point I got wondering if perhaps there were alternatives to it, like guest artist or something. What was good was the horror like parts those were wonderful.

Irredeemable 8I must say skeleton children plague is quite horrific

Irredeemable 11The split comic with the several art panel is amazing

Irredeemable 12.pngSee this horrible thing called a fight scene it like someone dump ketch up bottle on this dude

Dialogue: The Plutonian’s self dialogues are just amazing, they humanized him and his struggle as hero to the people. How he came to be overwhelm by the stress, as police man or doctors does, I don’t medical work it can overwhelm very quickly imagine being the saver to the people? Heavy boots. And while the Plutonian turned into a mass-murdered why learn he had little support, and just about everyone already believe he was going to do it. And more his freaky sexual live. And then of the folks around him, now that the good part amazing if I may so myself.

Irredeemable 7Volt back story seems like political commentary

Irredeemable 10I should call my blog Plutonian with blog and start commenting

Continues in: Irredeemable Vol 3

Conclusion: Any sort of doubt I had from the first volume is gone. And with it is just the question, how could this story keep going the way its? There so many ups and down, some many twist and thrill, that it like your tuning in for your weekly favorite show.

On that note, I like to say that if you feel the first book did poor job at backstory, this one will fulfill that need or perhaps it was just me. There a ton of great moment in which I wanted to frame most here but maybe too much spoilers. Among some where the gut wrenching Plutonian’s childhood or the folks who he rescue that demand compensation for the structure damage. But the best has to be the overwhelm moments, gosh been there I know them.

Now for the bad, the art! I long awaited this fight scene and then nothing it was made out the piss poor coloring effects that was digitally render on order to add extra weight to it, but all did was bring it down. And that my only complain which pretty fair and very little for a comic.

So if you pick up the previous volume your gonna love this.



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