Review: “Bad Company: Goodbye, Krool World” by Peter Milligan

This collects prog 500-519, 548-557, 576-585, 601 and 200 AD Annual 1990.

Story: Bad Company The story starts with Danny Frank, a naive British soldier in faraway alien planet of Ararat where he and his troops fight the alien horde of Krool, a hideous torture driven species who nearly has slaughter all human forces until Danny and his troops meet Bad Company, a sort of rejects who fight through Krool lines lead by monstrous Kano.

Art: Some may say the art in this books is dated and


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It was a hot summer day: the asphalt trapping the heat of the City, the cars moving by the park, silent and unaware. A stone building stood within the center of the City, a reminder of an era gone by. Its heavy wood double doors led into the entrance and on the second floor of that living memory that was the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National School of Fine Arts) I remember reaching for the 2000AD comic that contained Bad Company. Next to it was the editorial of Argentina magazine Gente, 1992 Attack on Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires. Both of these works would heavily influence me in the future, each for its own reason.

Let me tell you this fine collection of the best stories that were possibly printed in the Bad Company run, and that wonderful because as fan I can read them again and return to those early summer days or to introduce new people into this magnificent comic


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