Review: “Hellboy Vol 2: Wake the Devil,” by Mike Mignola

I gather up myself with anticipation and read this entire volume in one night, and in one sitting. Again I felt like child floating down that mystic river where dreams and imagination meet at crossroads. Perhaps the upcoming dark days of Halloween are having some affect on me, because hunger for the macabre and occult is all time high

Story: We pick up right where we left off. With the Nazi of the last chapter awaken and the evil things came life once again. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D are putting on a team to fight this things that go bumping in the night. When old enemy reappears…what could it be now?


hellboy 2 -6.png

Vladimir Giurescu attacks Hellboy in one the best looking scenes

hellboy 2 -9.png

An amazing use of white space


Art: It seems as if Mignola is only improving using more shadows and light techniques, giving the atmosphere depth it lack in previous book. I mean there entire scenes were the background plays a major factor and the symbols gives us feeling of antiquity or dread. Shadow cast across characters invaluable source of impact to the art.

hellboy 2 -8.pngVladimir Giurescu’s father

hellboy 2 -7.png

Hecate speaking with Hellboy, in very unique background

Dialogue: I won’t lie some of the dialogue here has become a bit childish. For unexplained reason we dip into the cheese pulp. In other parts of the story we have large panels of talking head with information dump. Or strange situation that also give us characters strange reactions, mostly the Nazis scene.

hellboy 2 -5.png

The strange Nazi scene

Continues in: Hellboy Vol 3: The Chained Coffin and Others

Conclusion: The universe is slowly shaping and sharpening itself, given it a sense long history and moving away from the shadows of pulp stories and Lovecraftian tales. And that is a magnificent thing because Hellboy is breathing and moving, not staying still as if he were a bug in a jar or fish on display.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Mignola willing to try such different approaches with art and story telling, that this book continues to be successful. And must say how much he has improve in the fight scenes and panel movement. I would highly consider you folks to pick it up.



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