Review: “Hellboy Vol 3: Chain Coffin and Others,” by Mike Mignola

This is collection of short stories and fables from Mignola set in the Hellboy universe, it first caught my eye when got into the Hellboy universe. Let dig into it shall we?

This issue collects The Corpse, Iron Shoes, the Baba Yaga, a Christmas Underground, a Chained Coffin, The Wolves of Saint August and pin up of Almost Colossus.

Story: From ghost and goblins, to werewolves and demonic visions and strange cases, we see our favorite paranormal detective take on all the mysteries of the earth and more.

  • The Corpse: A two page story base on the Irish folktale Teig O’Kane and the Corpse, which I read for this story.
  • Iron Shoes: A sort of filler that become a story, do to the fact the Corpse it was pretty short.
  • The Baba Yaga: She was mention in Wake the Devil and has deep connection to the Hellboy universe.
  • A Christmas Underground: Adapted from another folklore, this one interesting and searching to read the original.
  • A Chained Coffin: Hellboy returns to his place of birth England, East Bromwich.
  • The Wolves of Saint August: A folklore story that
  • Almost Colossus: A story that continue the continuity of the Hellboy last collected issue

Hellboy 1A good introduction to even better chapter

hellboy 2.png

Hellboy doing what he does best, fighting that which goes bumping in the night

Art: I can’t believe that missed the contrast of the dark world and the crimson hue of Hellboy, the effect of the light and the creature half in-compose in darkness, with only teeth and fangs. That element of horror and tragedy is even more apparent in this book, with even the smallest chapter has moment of wonderful dark art.

Hellboy 3.png

You remember her being mention by Rasputin and how she lost and eye to Hellboy

hellboy 4.pngThis story fascinated me, I would hope for quite more like them

Hellboy 8.png

Dialogue: This comic to me feels like exploration. What can comic be? Can it be a set of poems and folklore turn into art in the form of pages in comic? Yes, in this they are no longer running stories it anthology after all but there is freedom and live in the mystery. So much that took my old copy of the White People and read it once again.

hellboy 6This demons looks amazing and sort like another demon we know, look you Hellboy

Hellboy 9.pngRoger and his evil brother

Continues in: Hellboy Vol 4: The Right Hand of Doom

Conclusion: This compilation of stories give you the feeling for something like the early days of Supernatural and X-Files, with a touch that only comics can bring. A lot of backstory on Hellboy, is shed in this issues and a bit more on Liz and the humonculus story from before also plays part.

This book is actually really good, I read it twice, and the story about the Wolves of Saint Augustine and Almost Colossus are so worth it, Mike story telling has improve quite a bit sense we last took look at him, just amazing. You should pick up in order to see how a short story with memorable parts are created.



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