Review: “Hellboy Vol 3: Chain Coffin and Others,” by Mike Mignola

This collection of short stories and fables from Mignola set in the Hellboy universe, caught my eye and foresaw that perhaps it had some deeper knowledge within it, and I was right. Let dig into it shall we?

Story: From ghost and goblins,  to werewolves and demonic visions and strange cases, we see our favorite paranormal detective take on all the mysteries of the earth and more.

Dialogue: It back to it o’ pulp fashion with dash of poetry brought to you be the old man of Britain, a society that knew poetry like tea

Art: The setting of this book and are mix perfectly, giving everything an overly Gothic and Baroque tone.

Continues in: Hellboy Vol 4: The Right Hand of Doom

Conclusion: This compilation of stories give you the feeling for something like the early days of Supernatural and X-Files, with touch that only comics can bring. And while at first this may seem like pointless some backstory is shed on the origins of Hellboy and a bit more on Liz and the humonculus story.

This book actually really good, I read it twice, and the story about the Wolves of Saint Augustine and Almost Colossus are so worth it, Mike story telling is much amazing. You should pick up in order to see how a short story with memorable parts is created.


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