Review: “Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo” by Joseph Michael Linsner

This was a gift from my dear friend Sean, who also provided me with several others comics among them Judge Dredd collection and What If collection. In this case I got this wonderful graphic novel during Christmas time a few years ago, and while read the story several times. I came back to read in order to have fresh mind, alright let jump into it!

Story: Darrian Ashoka is an average young handsome man living in not too average New York, dominated by street blood sports that, murder and mayhem are in the air. But when mysterious woman enters in Darrian’s life, he begins to question the nature of life, from death to religion and his place in this foul earth. This woman is no other than seductress of gods, angels and demons, she is Dawn and Darrian will do anything to understand her and be with her.

Art: Ah what wonderful art, so alive it like you can breath in the pages. Entire pages dedicated to movement without a single word, shades and color pallet changes. If you appreciate art, or are amateur artist you get kick out this one.


Just one the many pages color in single hue, in this case purple represent the fear

Lucifer 3.png

Red for the bloodshed and appetite for war

Lucifer 4.png

Our lovers at last reunited

Dialogue: There is some incredibly memorable lines, among the few ranging from our destiny, freewill and the place of religion and well as faith. So remember for next time someone ask you question on the existence of mankind. You can use half this comic as theological discussion on the nature of evil and good.

Continues in: Limited series

Conclusion: Lucifer’s Halo, is an allegorical tale in the same level as the Divine Comedy or Pilgrim Progress, sure the story is liter with mixture of pin-up & underwear models of overly sexualized woman, but the Greeks wrestle naked, the Japanese had naked art and we have our comics, gee not exactly very philosophical there huh? I guess what saying is you take some and you get some, figuratively. Because the story has a lot to give and if your going to skip for any fact, skip for the fact that can be consider a tale we have seen before just with new spin.

Overall the story is common one, about demons, angels, Lucifer and God and their struggles for our souls, but a combination of Dawn the seductress spirit of woman and the free will that is hour main character Darrian, make for intriguing tale, plus the art. That wonderful art! That drove me to seek the artist and several of his pin-up art which just wonderful as this story.

I must read to any fan of the wonderful world of theology and life beyond it visible walls.


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