Review: “Batman: Detective No. 27” by Michael Uslan

Again folks it my birthday, so I gave myself a little gift, a comic I wanted to own for years  do to the massive trivia behind it and like to share with you folks. The name this story comes from Batman original appeared in the pages of Detective Comics issue 27, and the story take place during year of 1939 the same year that comic was release. OK, enough with trivia let go to the story.

Story: Allan Pinkerton, has just being hire to protect the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln from evil group of southerns known as the Knights of the Golden Circle. While Allan fails, his boys and the Pinkerton Agency destroy the Knights but there 100th plan is put into action. Flash forward to Gotham, where young millionaire has comeback to a city terrorize by looming fear, and he must become and icon a figure to strike fear back into the criminals, he must become detective 27!

detective 27

Batman or no Batman, Bruce loves breaking through windows

detective 27 3

This such a Spirit moment it just awesome

Art: It got very pulp look to it, to the point that somewhat resemble the early days of Slam Bradly or perhaps the Spirit, which I think was done with the intention of giving that retro feel, which perfect with setting of this comic. I even wish there was some more this artist doing works like the Spectre or Green Lantern.


detective 27 4

See how the shadows and muted colors are apply, excellent work

detective 27 5

It the big boy in blue in his original costume!

Dialogue: If your not in touch with the era, know history and have basic grasp on Batman, some the characters conversation will be lost to you. Other than that I see no flaw here. The conversation all seem to be with focus and even strange details of the early comic pages comes back to mean something. Again the writing was excellent.

detective 27 2

You remember this scene, you should it how Bruce chose to be Batman

Continues: Limited series

Conclusion: I think obviously by now most you get it, I’m into detective, pulp and comic that catch the retro feel. This one those comics, it falls back on it predecessors like the Spirit and Slam Bradly but also give us a ton of Batman’s history within few pages and the ending, you have to read to see what I am talking about.

I will admit the start of this comic was bit strange, it got me wondering. Well is this got anything to do with Batman? But also intrigue me that wish to continue and that sign good writing.

There is countless amount of trivia, from the Crimson Avenger showing up or some other character making a small reference to the times, heck even the final pages of it where we see Babe Ruth, are trivia. Many will pass this book as just another, take on Batman but think this bit more. To me this book is  what could the Cape Crusader had become had he not taken the Cowl, which this book everything I wanted to be. I only wish there was sequel to this series.



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