Review: “Lobster Johnson Vol 1: The Iron Prometheus” by Mike Mignola

I wont be shy about it, I enjoy most of Mignola’s works, he brings a pulp style to all his works which I enjoy and his work with mixture of myth and occult in Hellboy, made me fall in love with the character. So when heard he was making another work, this time a costume crime fighter I jump to it. Sadly pocket didn’t jump with me. So here we go.

This particular volume collects Lobster Johnson: Iron Prometheus #1-5, sketchbook section, plus The Secret History of Lobster Johnson.

Story: Lobster Johnson is a mysterious vigilante, who fight Nazi spies and crime bosses, but new kind of evil is rearing it head. One that come down from the mountains of Tibet to harness the forbidden power of Vril. Can our hero defeat them?

Dialogue: From the villains to the heroes, everyone got few lines that you remember.

Art: This is very action packed, which is quite interesting as Mignola’s art don’t seem up to it, instead his backgrounds and expressions are the focus of it.

Continues in: Lobster Johnson Vol 2: The Burning Hand

Conclusion: Much of the story is told in a quick set of events that give us little to no background on who Lobster Johnson is, but we do know is that his being doing this for quite a while and has no fear, or mercy. So in that regard you have to take the book as take you in wild chase, which I enjoy.

Again to me Mignola’s art is not exactly good for the action scenes, maybe they will improve in further books. For currently they feel a bit stiff.

Toward the end of the story things got bit crazy with Johnson taking some incredibly amount of punishment, in situations that escape our imagination but this pulp book.

I did really enjoy the part were they talk about Johnson’s story in the pulp era books, like Weird Tales and his lost Mexican movies, it just added a little extra.
I say pick this up, if your into books like the Spirit, the Shadow or the classic WWII hero line ups.


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