Review: “Judge Dredd: Case Files 01” by John Wagner

This was Christmas present from my friend Stephanie.

Story: While there is little to know introducing to the actual character, the book present us with countless situations from robot uprisings, thief, murderous psychopaths and few more strange like killer plants and mutants assassins. It work somewhat like the Twilight Zone, each story being self contained.

Dialogue: Dredd is complete smartass with witty remark for everything and ton of one liners, some painful to read but remember this was the 70s when this stuff was being printed.

Art: Seeing as different teams of artist and writers tackle this, some pages are very detail while other shuffle through pages.

Continues in: Judge Dredd: Case Files 02

Conclusion: I first came to know Judge Dredd while looking through the black and white pages of 2000AD magazine that was being serialized through newspaper stands. I instantly found his look to be different and snatch him up, good look I did, because I was in for a thrill ride.

I really enjoy Dredd for his anti-hero persona and for how outrageous the situations he is placed in, and even worse how he gets out. As young kid it appeal to my sensibilities of  a world of science fiction and wonder and as adult it those the same. I’m left wonder and think, just was crazy idea will they think up next.

Now that not the case each time and don’t mean his perfect character. Many will find Dredd awfully over the top and not fun it all, his science fiction is product of the era and his got quite bit of racial stereotype.

My conclusion is let someone borrow it before buying it and get glimpse of what your expected.


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