Review: “The New Deadwardians” by Dan Abnett

My friend Sean, brought this series home along with few Vertigo unique tittles. This one caught my attention because of passionately read Dan Abnett work on Resurrection Man. I found his previous work with  such odd the concept quite unique and morbid at the same time, so obviously upon hearing of this new work of his, I was smitten. Upon purchasing it I notice just how unique this world was, so here the review.

This issue collects 1-8

Story: George Suttle, is Scotland Yard last homicide detective, in a world in ravage by zombie plague. Members of the Imperial Britain high society and are converted into vampires to escape the fear of the zombie plague. But what cost? The lost of their humanity! But as the murder of a high society individual led us to wonder just who behind the killing and how. All the meanwhile George find himself trying to relive his human days. his once previous human emotions hunt like phantom limb syndrome hunts an amputee.


George struggles with himself


And the problem deepen for poor George

Art: This is not simple art review, ask room of my friends what think art and expect seven different answers. In that light, let me explain my side. I feel the art is intentionally flat with little detail in order to reminds us the Edwardian area in which the characters live in. There very few fights scenes, or anything with excitement but don’t let that fool you, the book still quite thrilling.

the mystery deepens.png

Look them just talking while mountain of hungry ravenous undead stand by


A rare fight scene if you understand what mean

Dialogue: This entire book carries itself by the vast major storyline and dialogue that is use to reinforce how remove high society is from the affairs of the poor. There also how those who taken the Cure, seem to be nothing but hollow shells of their previous self. George’s inner monologue pulls us into a world divided by his nature as former human.


There bit detective work for us

Continues in: Limited series

Conclusion: This series should have been incredibly silly and bad, zombies vs vampire in old Britain yet this is amazingly good. Dan Abnett created a world within few pages that feels so alive, who’s background could lead to countless stories and questions.

This entirely original idea, which hard to pull off in a world of comic that we have long running series, reboots and different takes on series. I applaud that in it sense and only took eight issues, yes looking at you 240 pages running series.

What great about this comic is that shows us, how different comics can be and just how many ideas can be explore and would give this read regardless of your taste in order to get something new.



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