Review: “Blueberry: Fort Navajo” by Jean Giraud

As mention before I am huge fan of Western comics, possibly brought out by the fact that the Wild West is totally foreign concept to me and therefore it look like the place, were legends are remade. Rebels of fail revolutions, robbers and lovers come to a fork in the road.

Story: Lieutenant Blueberry, is gambler, liar and outright jerk something who happen to be one the best gunman in the West. He is in charge of getting Craig and his entourage through the Indian infested lands to Fort Narvajo.

Art: Jean Giraud art would improve incredibly over the years, so this first work is not his best. Line are drawn in simple design with very little depth. Yet it has higher quality that must stuff of this year.

Dialogue: The rough translation from French to English, is a bit on the low side, but admit get the plot through.

Continues in: Blueberry: Thunder in the West

Conclusion: Blueberry could have easily been an spaghetti western, that a French version of it. And while surely starts as simple enough idea, it collectively grows. Showing us that Blueberry is a man with moral and principals.

Jean Giraud’s Indians are not wild savages nor his Mexicans stereotypes, which different from Lucky Luke early years. That in itself makes the work stand out. And while this early volumes lack in depth what the future one hold, it still give a read if you perhaps come across them, you be surprise just how human the characters are.


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