Review: “Elric: the Balance Lost Vol 1,” by Chris Roberson

I first encounter the the character of Elric of Melniboné, in my mid teens and sense then I have search for all merchandise related to him. So it came as no surprise when I heard new comic was being printed, that immediately snatch it.

I’m not familiar with Boom! Studios or the author they chose, Chris Roberson, but after reading the first few pages I was deeply engrossed.

This particular issue collect 1-4

Story: Four Eternal Champions each within there own universe can feel the fabric of the universe coming undone. From the fantasy world of dread and doom, Elric find himself drawn into the threats of Chaos once more, as something horribly old and wicked threaten to destroy what little Balance remains. Across the multiverse Corum’s world is invaded by forces of the higher world, Hawkmoon in the other hands has him own issues to deal with as enemies from his past come back to hunt him. In our world or something closer to it Eric Beck, has horrible dreams of something to come. Meanwhile the multiverse fight to amass several incarnation of the Eternal Champions to protect itself.

Dialogue: As with keeping with most of the books, the dialogue borders in something of high English and cosmic bable which original to the source material. Great for folks who been fans of the series but realize alienating for any new fans.

Art: The art is gorgeous and colorful, filled with fantastic scene of multiple universes, monsters and chaotic visions that remind me of Berserk and hold to the source material.

Continues in: Elric: The Balance Lost Vol. 2

Conclusion: One the best things about this comic is the sheer amount of characters we get to see, from multiple incarnation of the Eternal Champion and his companion to throw-away character from several of the source materials. It just amazing to see the books of my childhood brought into a massive crossover comic full with color.

The negative for this series would be the general concept of it, it was unused once before in the Sailor on the Seas of Fate book, so anyone that read that one sort knows what to expect yet I still dig it.

However I will admit this series is not made for newcomers, only the hardcore Elric fan with great knowledge of Michael Moorcock multiverse. Do not pick up this series if you never before read the books, as it does not try to introduce the concept only further it enhance which great for us fans.


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