Review: “Nathan Never: Vampyrus,” by Antonio Serra, Michele Medda and Bepi Vigna

There needs to be some explanation before we go into this graphic novel; first Dark Horse chose to print Vampyrus as issue 1 when this actually issue 26 of Nathan story, wow talk about late entry into the story, second there was some slight sensor, while that may affect very little, taken into the account the previous 26 issue you didn’t get and your at lost.

All that being said you probably have heard of each one of the creators of the Nathan Never series, they were involve in Dylan Dog, Zagor and Martin Mystere among many.

Story: The Demeter, a space ship containing a variety of animals and scientist is found floating in space. But something sinister is at play, when all the men have been killed, their throat slash. The only life in the ship are rats, snakes and bats and one man, Vlad Shreck, a scientist for the Stroker University and completely suffering from amnesia. Nathan Never agent of the famous investigation agency Alpha is contracted to investigate on Shreck. In Melpomene, Shreck is being treated by Dr. John Seward, not only for his lack memory but his new sensitivity to light. Dr. Seward soon invite Shreck into his private home, where things begun to turn sinister.

Vampyrus 3.png

The start of something wicked

Art: There is no going back once you see this gorgeous neo-noir art that catches the shades and shadows in way that only comics of yesterday could. The mastery of light and shadows, is just one of the asset the other is empty white space that made to fill in the depth and length. While they are not what you call fight, they are scene of thrill and danger which only hype be the sinister shades.

Vampyrus 2.png

The inside of the flying coffin or space ship

Vampyrus 1.png

Murder is in the air

Dialogue: This book is translated from Italian to English, but from the dialogue you couldn’t tell that. Characters solidly sounds like they are part of noir movie, with the classic excuses yet adding a bit of the scientific into this universe. If anything sometimes thing can feel a bit hard boil, but in a good way.

Continues in: Nathan Never: The Darkness in the Heart

Conclusion: This probably one the most simplistic stories in the Nathan Never chronology, that probably why it was chosen to be translate it yet it makes for an incredibly poor entry to the series.

Vampyrus, is retelling of Bram Stroker’s Dracula, offering us “mutant virus” instead of supernatural, this plot used before in Cyber City Oedo 808, with virus that turn the character into a vampire. So while not new, it did paid a lot of attention to detail.

The issue here is that this an enormous series, which should had started with early volume 1 translation and continue on, instead of picking a random volume.



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