Review: “Shade the Changing Man Vol. 1: The American Scream” by Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo

I am sure that when Steve Ditko imagine this character he never taught what Peter was about to transformed him into, but been dying to hear him ever sense friend of mine let me barrow a single issue. So now let dig into the collected issues.

Story: Madness is rapidly approaching our world, ready to burst like bloated pig. Only person can help us, or doom us and that is Rack Shade, but his not right, none of us are with the American Scream spread. Rack must race against time and search for the source madness and destroy before can destroy us and him.

Art: A cross between a storm of colorful purples, yellows and ultra-violet computer generates superpose images that hurt the eyes if you stare them too long, but otherwise makes the perfect example what odd and insane mind can create, can you tell like this comic?

Dialogue: If you read Fear Loathing In Last Vegas, this has similar dialogue with mixture of self examination and hatred for how numb we become to ourselves.

Continues in: Shade, The Changing Man Vol. 2: Edge of Vision

Conclusion: This not easy read, from the images of distorted landscapes and insanity manifestations, to the possibility that nothing is real and all is real. After all if Shade is making thing real with insanity, what is reality but what on concept, huh?

Many gonna look that and say, no thank you. And it fine, it what makes this book unique, it journey into the insane and crazy world of our own mind escape. And also about how we could murder a president, yes, Peter Milligan as British could not fathom any nation murder a president.

I found the story incredibly refreshing maybe because recently been doing so many reviews of superheroes comics, so it was nice to get break from it. But another thing is that reminded me of Doom Patrol, which always wanting some more of that. All in all, if you wants something different go for this.


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