Review: “Seven Soldier of Victory Vol 1” by Grant Morrison

I am first going to open up and say, this sort of hard book to review because they are different story lines happening but they don’t really meet up, meaning you sort have to detail each one.

I think by now anyone knows that I pick up anything Grant Morrison makes and give a try, and yes I have read some bad stuff from him, but this is not one, this another good one!

Story: The book format in two several small stories each detailing the events that happen to another character, yet we not seeing how they connect.

  1. The Shining Knight: Fish out temporal waters with new take on the King Arthur myth and evil fairies.
  2. The Manhattan Guardian: A street-level crime fighter that attached to newspaper.
  3. Zatanna: JLA go to girl for arcane terrors who recently been traumatize and lost all her magic.
  4. Klarion the Witchboy: With retool origin and much more in-depth reason as to why his character behave in such a particular way.
  5. The Bulleteer: Not present in this issue.
  6. Mister Miracle: Not present in this issue.
  7. Frankenstein: Not present in this issue.

Art: The art shift a lot, after they are several stories put together with many different artist with the Shinning Knight artist being incredibly, while the Manhattan Guardian’s art was more Kirby like.

Dialogue: There tons of witty lines, sharp remarks on the superhero life and what our world is, in really just too much to cover.

Continues in: Seven Soldier of Victory Vol 2.

Conclusion: This very interesting book, because of it dynamic it a team book and there isn’t a real team.

Most the characters are revision of older ones with entire new twist throw into them and boy do things get weird, with many things borrow from Doom Patrol and others are foreshadowing things Moore would try in his future books. I appreciate a writer who can take things to the next level. I would only pick up this one if your going for something different or your big fan of Morrison work. Otherwise I feel you would be lost.


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