Review: “Judge Dredd: Case Files 02” John Wagner

Talk about gaps between reviews, my friends got me this one because they know of my love for Judge Dredd, and really appreciate it. Because it allows for another review.

Story: Once more we are treated to Dredd dry wit and keen intellect in solving cases.

Dialogue: It never far, travel between pages and you find Dredd make a smart remark or someone saying something so over the top, it just great for blanket reads.

Art: There is enormous improvement in detail that you can tell, I mean pages with much more importance get the royal treatment, plus black and white comic who don’t love that.

Continues in: Judge Dredd: Case Files 03

Conclusion: This contains some of Dredd more icon storyline lines such as The Cursed Earth and the Day the Law Died, which I think will get there own reviews with time.

If you chose to pick up The Case Files 1, you see it was worth it something of continuity was build in the first, this takes even further in.


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