Review: “Elric: the Balance Lost Vol 2,” by Chris Roberson

I order both issue 2 and 3 instantly as soon as they were collected, and waited everyday for their arrival in the mail, so you bet I’m dying to do this review.

Story: The multiverse is in flux as different universes collide and clash. Corum and Eric Beck join forces to battle the oppressing forces of Law, while Hakwmoon and Elric fight the overwhelming odds of Chaos. Our villain Garrison Bow, is given more solid shape and our heroes goal is finally formed.

Dialogue: Just like the previous one; a lot of talk around the concept of the multiverse, of the flow of time and space, of how Law and Chaos related, and we finally get meaning to that subtitle “Balance Lost”. Which while obvious is nice to have.

Art: No change in the art direction which is good, it had good solid start no need for any interference. Wow, can’t believe but things got even more chaotic and beautifully realized, scene of massive destruction in planetary scale. Monster of chaos and madness, color of unfamiliar shapes and shades, I mean this just amazing.

Continues in: Elric: The Balance Lost Vol. 3

Conclusion: Incredibly enough this volume explains just how the multiverse of Elric works, with Chaos and Law, with the Eternal Champion and the incarnation of him across the multiverse, if anything this could help a new fan and clarified years of dispute between hardcore fans.

The book does amazing at maintaining the science fiction and fantasy lines blur, and it even tell us, that yes, what are the difference anyway? This why read those book in the past, so it so good to have them in comic format that can glance over.

Now for the negative, some part of the plot seem to be hammer over and over again like Corum’s origin, some characters quickly died without even a minimal farewell, which understood we fighting for the multiverse sake not time to shed a tear, but come on you could done bit better.

Unlike my previous review I would suggestion newcomer read this book, and then jump back to volume 1 in order to better understand and jump to volume 3, I know that big effort but will help trust me.


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