Review: “The Maxx: Vol 1 Maxximized” by Sam Keith

I should have done this review much earlier, but couldn’t find my copies of it, luckily I got friend who hook me up. I think just about everyone heard of the Maxx, from his appearance MTV cartoon to his incredibly unlike look, yet I get my hands dirty and review it

Story: Julie is a social worker who deals with a city full of rapist, murder and homeless and creepy phone calls. But all one homeless man stand out, one creature who goes bumping in the night acting like well…superhero, the Maxx. But just who is this disturbing man who roams the night for victims and seem to know the Maxx.

Art: The art is incredibly unique like being on LSD and looking through classical paintings, where colors and fluidity is just perfectly crazy.

Dialogue: I just love the way the Maxx dialogue run along, and mix with other characters.

Continues in: The Maxx: Vol 2 Maxximized

Conclusion: This very quick read and awesome one at that, feeling you with hope and disgust the same time; for one you have the Maxx, who is indeed trying to protect this city and the other side you have the degradation of society. And the comic tackles some very dark subjects such urban violence, rape and murder and never with a light face.

I think many should give a try, it different but not entirely dark.


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