Review: “The Maxx: Vol 1 Maxximized” by Sam Keith

I should have done this review much earlier, but couldn’t find my copies of it, luckily I got friend who hook me up. I think just about everyone heard of the Maxx, from his appearance MTV cartoon to his incredibly unlike look, yet I get my hands dirty and review it

This particular volume collects 1-4

Story: Julie is a social worker who deals with a city full of rapist, murder and homeless and creepy phone calls. But all one homeless man stand out, one creature who goes bumping in the night acting like well…superhero, the Maxx. But just who is this disturbing man who roams the night for victims and seem to know the Maxx.

the maxx.pngThe garbage like dump city the Maxx lives in

the maxx 3.pngThe Maxx other world the Outback

Art: Sam Keith art takes a little while to get use to, but then you see it. How incredibly detailed and flowing he is at his work, how the streets dirty with piss and graffiti look like streets, with sign and symbols of Image Comics and Spawn. How the cape that Mister Gone has looks fluid and alive, or the Maxx attack seemed as they could shatter the earth itself. However I fallen in love with Sam Keith panel’s which are done in the most interesting ways.

the maxx 2.pngThis amazing panels that what talking about, it like you can see the coin move

the maxx 6.pngAnother good example of panels movement

the maxx 9.png

You guys see that, that Death from the Endless and the Sandman series, maybe Keith don’t approve of them?

Dialogue: Everyone in the comic has there own unique speech bubble, from the Maxx mimic superhero monologues, Mister Gone grandiose sinister twist on and Julie sarcastic philosophy. Strangely enough many of the side characters are incredibly flesh out within just pages, giving us the quickly glance to their world with few words.

the maxx 4

the maxx 8.png



Continues in: The Maxx: Vol 2 Maxximized

Conclusion: This very quick read and awesome one at that, feeling you with hope and disgust the same time; for one you have the Maxx, who is indeed trying to protect this city and the other side you have the degradation of society. And the comic tackles some very dark subjects such urban violence, rape and murder and never with a light face.

The art is incredibly unique like being on LSD and while looking through classical paintings, where colors and fluidity is just perfectly crazy. And the writing is amazing, you feel for everyone struggle, at one point Maxx talks about worlds flickering. Well if you ever work the mentally derange and you look into their eyes, you can see when triggers. But above all else the chapter in which younger girl wonders about committing suicide after her own father’s apparent suicide and everything crumbling down, is magnificently well writing. I would use it as show of intelligent writing for education learning class.

That not to say things perfect, after all the man is human. You are sometimes left wondering if anything it all happen in the story or how much was in Maxx’s head, but I like that. I know other folks while consider the most negative aspect of the comic. I totally say you should pick up and make your own choices.



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