Review: “Elric: the Balance Lost Vol 3,” by Chris Roberson

Sense I order both issue, they came just a few days apart but did the horrible mistake of getting a ton of comic meanwhile, otherwise this two would been review back to back, well close as you get to it.

Story: Our heroes Corum, Eric Beck, Hakwmoon and Elric make to the lost universe, the center of Balance. Where Corum get horrible revelation and our heroes face with confronting forces beyond their understanding. As the battle for Balance draws to it end

Dialogue: We get more talk of how and why Chaos and Law serve, the manifestation of Balance and the metaphysical or physical it quite great stuff man.

Art: The art continues the same, but in much greater scale. We see dimension, we see what I can only call the most interesting panel separation, from chaos symbols to tentacles use to move our characters panels and action, that was creative and awesome.

Continues in: End of the series

Conclusion: This felt like the last Elric story will well ever see. With such epic ending to the story and conclusion that leaves us readers of the Moorcock multiverse knowing what is at hand.

Can finally said when the third army was called in, and the words “Veterans of Thousand Psychic Wars” were use I was so happy, I jump and clap my hands, that just little something

Finally understood why they were giving us so much about Corum’s past, I must admit I never imagine to see them back again. Nor would I ever expect another tale in the likes of Sailor in the Seas of Fate, which what this became in the end. At the start of the series I didn’t feel good about it being so similar, but the story approach it end, I understood we needed a final one.

If you pick up the previous volume it only natural you get this final part.


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