Review: “For the Man Who Has Everything,” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbson

Moore and Gibbson collaboration was at it peak by this moment, becoming the fantastic duo who could by no means do any wrong. And here they once again show their incredibly talent.

Story: Our heroes compose of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin, plus Wonder Woman travel to the Fortress of Solitude to give Superman, a gift, only to find the Man of Steel under a stupor and Mogul as the intruder who place him there. The heroes are soon caught in race to free their friend and evade the titanic Mogul.

Art: The art is fantastic for this era, with fight scenes are pretty well.

Dialogue: There is some amazingly well places word from both Mogul and Superman.

Continues in: One-shot

Conclusion: This is one of Moore finest stories in the DC world, only in equal in Superman level with “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” and this not such a story for Superman, this a story for anyone whoever has tragic past as we see from Batman.

At times its gut wrenching and reminds us that, just how fragile things can be.

This was such memorable tale that it when onto become an episode in Justice League Unlimited. If that doesn’t convince to read it, I’m not sure what could pal. But give one last try, read this and you will feel just how deep a story can go.


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