Review: “Valiant Masters: Bloodshot 1: Blood of the Machine” by Kevin VanHook

Thank you Valiant for producing Valiant Masters, which allow us folks who miss the first original company who folded over, to get second chance reading your works. As confess before I was not reading Valiant in the 90s possibly because I was reading Spawn? That hard to debate because most my memories of the 90s involve walking everywhere with backpack and listening to my walkman with INXS music on it, I never did skateboard.

This particular volume collects issue 1-8

STORY: Who is he?  Better yet what is he? Bloodshot, is a mercenary with chalk white skin and nanomachine infuse blood who tries to piece together just who he was, and what they done to him. Mafia, black ops and mysterious name keep coming up Project Rising Spirit. But just what sort of life did he had become it was taken from him

ART: Surprisingly different than the DC, Marvel and Image art of the 90s. It got more of look of the 80s with heavy color focus in the primary target of visual, as to sort guide was been focus on the story. The fight scene are incredibly, they aged very well. Only thing is technology moved on, so some part seem dated, but that to be understood.

bloodshot 1

I haven’t seeing something this bloody sense Spawn came across the 90s

DIALOGUE: Man I am really impress here, this some very solid conversation between characters, nothing cheesy and Bloodshot inner monologue is believable, I dare to say this some the best writing outside of Vertigo in the 90s.

bloodshot 2.png

Here perfect example of how the character comes out with interesting ways out his situation 

bloodshot 3

This comic uses a lot of red and greens which another unique thing

Continues in: Yet to be announce

CONCLUSION: This is an amazingly 90s comic with ninjas, cyborgs and big guns with gore that somehow skip the ridiculous parts of the dorky 90s age of comics and goes into, the really good cult classic.

I mean you think a story about an amnesiac bloodthirsty katan carrying guy would be incredibly dumb, your wrong sir, very wrong. This comic surprise which very good thing and it excellent reminder that the writing, that where all about. I believe Bloodshot, I understood his plead to know who he was. Why? Simple, writing. Emotional moments were not choke down your throat or even heavily imply only left in wonder.

There a bit of subplot with the Eternal Warrior and Rai, that was glint during the Future Force, that sort throws thing a bit chaotic and break the passing of the story, but setting up for much greater events.

And amazing book, that reminded me a bit of Resurrection Man and David Carradine Kung Fu, but even that fails to really emit was the story is about. So why don’t you go and and find out, because it worth every penny.



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