Review “Asterix: Omnibus Vol 1” by René Goscinny and Albert Udezo

There is a special reason I am reviewing this, it was a gift to my friend Alena Sumrall, (artist and writer of Cuttlefish), in particular the reason I chose this is because of our mutual love for comics. As Asterix fan who read as a kid I was thrill to give this as gift to a friend to share and enjoy, it like little piece of you goes on to someone else. I encourage you guys to gift your favorite comics to friends!

This volume collects: Asterix the Gaul , Asterix and the Golden Sickle , Asterix and the Goths


  • Asterix the Gaul: In an Armorica village too small to even be seeing in the map lives a group of unstoppable Gauls who have kept the Romans legions at bay. But Crismus Bonus has had enough, he will find the secret behinds this Gaul’s super strength. Will Asterix and Obeliks be able to defend the village’s secret?
  • Asterix and the Golden Sickle: It can’t be! Getafix famous golden sickle has been shatter, without the village won’t be able to produce the potion to protect the village. Asterix and Obelisk must travel to Lutetia to obtain a golden sickle from Obelisk’s cousin, Clovogarlix. But will get their in time?
  • Asterix and the Goths: The Goths have heard words of Getafix incredibly strength potion and have set their eyes on kidnappign the druids in using him to invade both the Romans and the Gauls. Asterix and Obelisk must infiltrate them in order to rescue the old druid, but what cost!

Art: Except for the first volume with has a lot of proto-characters and behaviors, everything remains the same quality and tone. Which ranks high with me as consistency is very important factor with artist. This comics were in comparison to American’s Walt Disney or Nemo in Slumberland, in art wise.


Can you see in the first panels the subtle stubble turn into beard (Asterix the Gaul)

bash in.png

Our heroes get capture be the Romans (Asterix and the Golden Sickle)


Our heroes in particular funny moment (Asterix and the Goth)


Dialogue: The first volume uses very few pun and few jokes here and there, as the volumes go on the situations becomes more and more funny and amusing. By Asterix and the Goth, we are using fully blown puns and panels that reminds me a lot of the Saturday morning cartoons.

Julius Ceasar.png

That was good pun come on! (Asterix and the Gaul)


I found this incredibly amusing with the Romans fighting each other (Asterix and the Goth)

Continues: Asterix: Omnibus Vol 2 

Conclusion: Much like my friend’s Alena online comic Cuttlefish, at first Asterix seems to be compose of random happening with no real storyline. But once you go back and read it for a second time is when you realize just what going on. The subtle mentions in volume 1 become apparent plots in volume 2, and that connects volume 3. Sometimes comic takes years to blossom into masterpieces and only when we look back do we see the full picture.

With that said this perfect omnibus to pick up, as you get three interconnected stories that introduce everything in the world of Asterix to any readers. A material for both adults and children alike.





4 thoughts on “Review “Asterix: Omnibus Vol 1” by René Goscinny and Albert Udezo

    1. I taught so too, but I love the gags in Asterix and the Goth. Where they keep changing clothing and tricking the Romans and causing confusion among the ranks to the point the Romans are fighting each other

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