Review: “Gods in Chaos” by Enki Bilal

I think many folks got taste of Enki Bilal from the adaptation of his works into the movie Immortal, release in 2004 that had very much Fifth Element look to it, well only natural sense all from the Franco-Belgian comics. But mine was very different, I first got introduce to Enki Bilal and his universe by chess boxing. As fan of boxing but knowing nothing of chess, I was doing some research when I bumped into, lepe Rubingh, talking about chess boxing, instantly I was like, oh this sounds fancy I must look at it. And this how I heard of this series and soon try to acquire it.

This first story however is not the part with the chess boxing but is very rare Catalan Communications produce one. You see Catalan Communications was involve in translating many comics from Europe and South America, when they when under product such this became quite rare.

Story: Paris 2023; the world is bleak, society has crumble and new world has come, one ruled by the cruel hand of fascism that separates social classes into two; the political influential and the poor and mutated. But something happening above the city skies, a strange pyramid with guest who claim to be Egyptian gods. One self-indulging political corrupt man searches for his final thrill, immortality while in the gutters filled with illness, mutations and famine of the lower world something is moving, revolution. As mysterious old spacecraft is shot down and it passenger goes missing, gears are starting to move. Alcide Nikopol, wake to a world unlike he left 30 years, but he a pawn or major player in the upcoming revolution?

Horus and Nik 2.png

Nikopol and Horus, and encounter they both remember

Horus and Nik 3.png

Laser vision huh? I was surprise be that little trick

Art: Amazing and can you say Enkai Bial is both artist and writer of this story, the man is incredible at doing what he does best. Give us apocalyptic world of degradation and human filth and paint with color and morbidity. While sometimes the image over overloaded with color, strange shapes and things that seem to disturbing we rather not ask, remember this was part of the appeal for Métal hurlant.

gods 2.png

The gods playing monopoly, I am sure there some commentary on this

gods 3.png

Look this odd colors, the shapes and the concept all so very original

Dialogue: The comic does an amazing job at making the characters seem real from the first dialogue in which we meet our hero, to the final pages of the new state, we see and feel how the world has become.

Horus and Nik

I love moments like this, which should be incredibly alien but seem normal in our world

Continues in: The Woman Trap

Conclusion: This many not exactly be comic for the kids, but this truly amazing work of art about the political struggles and more the issue of faith in humanity. As Nikopol wakes to a world foreign to him and the reader, it great way for us to learn just was is this Paris and this Gods. But more is how often he is drawn by forces beyond his control like marionette, I’m sure many of us can relate as the forces of the universe have places in event we had no control, and we were only witness to the chaos. How that was strangely deep.

That the thing about Gods in Chaos, it more about the chaos the world is in that about this higher powers. It about how we struggle with even the most simple things and we can’t hope to win. Forces beyond our control, even the ending which sad twist of fate remind us how little control we truly have.

You must read this tale in order to understand, just what desperately hopeless reality Enki Bilal crafted for our hero, what strange new world awaits. But this does not mean this comic for everyone as said before Gods in Chaos, is more a book for adults and not only that, it for someone who can stomach the dark bleak future. Step at your own risk.



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