Review: “What if Wolverine Battled Conan the Barbarian?” by Glenn Alan

Folks is Christmas time and I gotten myself a little gift. Well, what is but a comic! This is among the many Conan the Barbarian, What if issue Marvel publish during there run which were; What if Conan the Barbarian Walked the Earth Today? What if Thor Battled Conan the Barbarian? What if Conan the Barbarian were Stranded in the 20th Century?

The problem with this issue it that it has been review by many and I feel it getting a nasty and cheesy reputation, please lets take look at that title once more. This clearly the idea of drunk brawl of comic book nerds, but regardless this is not a cheesy title it all. That why here to prove you guys wrong. So let get to it.

Story: We are at the Trial of the Phoenix (heydays of Dark Phoenix Saga), the X-Men fighting in the Moon for there friend, when Wolverine splits from the group and venture into the Watcher layer. It there that the Watcher, angry by his intruder cast the mutant into one his many portals. To Logan luck he lands within the Hyborian Age, a time of warriors and devil-beast. Quickly he makes an enemy of the She-Devil of Red Sonja, after fearsome struggle, a defeated Red Sonja and Wolverine begging a connection while somewhere across town Conan is being manipulated by evil wizard who promise to revive his death lover.

Wolverine if 1

Well that nice continuity nod, Proteus

Wolverine if 2.png

Introducing the one and only Conan!

Wolverine if 3.png

And guess appearance from Red Sonja!

Dialogue: This is to me were the comic really shines, the suffering of Conan and how he tempted into a horrible deal with black magic over the lost love. Logan confusion as this new alien world, all those aspects are portrait very well. Sure Wolverine’s conversation kind sometimes be a bit, immature and simplistic but this where the dorky ages.

wolverine if 4.png

This actually should been call Wolverine and Sonja

wolverine if 5.png

Two of my childhood heroes fighting, what else could ask for?

wolverine if 6.png

Oh we haven’t seeing this Wolverine sense the day of Weapon X

Art: The first fight fight scenes suffers from the Wolverine jumping around and trying to be acrobatic, but looks just really lame. It later upon the second, were we sort of get more of shine of the battle. And upon the last were we finally see blood and you start to wonder, why wasn’t this here from the start. So yes, the art department does suffer quite a bit.

Wolverine if 7

Ouch! I remember Wolverine got death tool for hands!

Wolverine if 8.png

Like said before, I would read the adventures of this two or their descendants

wolverine if 9.png

Conan in space! Yes, I would read this too!

Continues in: One-shot

Conclusion: Sure the star a little rocky but as the story approach it middle part, it really good and wait for it, the ending! I would totally read the Hyborian tales of the Wolverine and Queen Sonja or Conan in Space, the last Barbarian! That got ring to it, come on Marvel give us something.

Unlike other What If, where it feels they are moving too fast this one was particularly well articulate, with the battles making sense and even a shocking twist ending, that twice mention it, you should go read to find out.

Marvel here was using their two big muscle, and while they later lost Conan, they still hold onto Wolverine, but they had up him to such level that if today on Wolverine fought Conan, the battle would be over in one panel. So if you wanna read more believable story of Wolverine here is one.



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