Review: “The Maxx: Vol 2 Maxximized” by Sam Keith

And once again we return Sam Keith’s masterpiece, the Maxx. I have been eagerly trying to buy time and not review all of it at once

This is

Story: Things have gotten complex to say the least, the Maxx has tracked down the mysterious villain who reveals to him that they had fought in the past, his name is Mr. Gone and his got ties to Julie, who in a world of fantasy know as the Outback, is the Jungle Queen.

Art: The art remains as good as ever and with more creative pages and turns.

Dialogue: Again this still remains good, with now more characters point of view and even some curious character who get brought into the story.

Continues in: The Maxx: Vol 3 Maxximized

Conclusion: How could I forgotten how amazingly good this series was, kind makes you wonder about other of Sam Keith works? Will they all live in the shadow of the Maxx, and the answer is yes, how could they even fight for spot with such deep comic.

If you pick up volume 1, I’m sure your just as exciting as me to pick up issue two and so forth, I shouldn’t have to do much to convince how good this series is.


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