Review: “What if Death’s Dead had lived?” By Simon Furman

Man can you believe Death’s Head got his own What if? Just getting to see the character once again is amazing. As with most Marvel UK, his character seemly vanish after the company collapse, luckily over the years many writers who were personal fans the character have tried there best to use him, yet without exactly reviving him. As the cyborng is time-traveler he could will still be out there. But let us sit down and ponder what if…

Story: Death’s Head the renown Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, has eluded his adversary A.I.M. supercyborg Minion. However thing soon take turn for the worse as Minion’s body is hijack by Baron Strucker V using his arcane talent to fuse themselves together, knowing calling himself Charnel. A.I.M. leading scientist and creator of Minion, Dr. Necker, hires Death Head to destroy his would be killer.

Death's head.png

Death’s Head and Dr. Necker


Minion taken over be Baron Strucker V, creating the menace of Charnal

Art: It was fine while the character’s were talking, but then once the fight start…oh it was just awful, the characters would just punch through the cyborgs like they were made out silly-putty, or die without the nearest shocking scene, bad just bad.

Putty 2.png

This what mean with putty, why didn’t just keep with some sort of green blood or biomechanical chemical?


And while there a lot of scenes like this

Namor head.png

There also scene like that! Talk about change

Dialogue: You first have to understand this was the 90s and above all, this was the Dark Age of comic books were heroes had to be antiheroes and villains were will even more evil. Just check out the amount of self reference there was back then and how character lampshade their behavior. Do to this, you have two ways to feel about this comic and it bombastic over the top dialogue, love or think it childish. I go with bit of both, remember my younger days.

Continues in: One-shot

Conclusion: Without extensive knowledge of Marvel UK happenings, this comic makes no sense, yet at the start it tries to explain a bit of the otherwise convoluted back story of the events that took place during the original run of Death Head and his encounter with Minion Cyborg.

But issue here it was space, there wasn’t enough pages to tell what the writer needed to say. So it felt tremendously rush, it got so bad that sometimes I wonder, huh what just happen? Did with just skip over, yup we did.

With the combination of the art department going to the toilet at the important scene of the fight and the skipping, this turn out to be quite a bad gamble.

Now from reading this review you figure not Death Head fan, but actually I love them both, I was just not impress with the quality of comic here. One thing must say before leave, is that the returning of Charnel was a rather nice touch.

Overall this comic very cheap to buy, as it single one-shot but would not waste my money on it.



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