Review: “H-E-R-O: Vol 1 Powers and Abilities” by Will Pfeifer

I picked this up while at the comic book shop and to be honest, didn’t know what to expect until the first issue, it was then that I knew this was a masterpiece and I quickly read all of it in one sitting at night huddle in my bed. I quickly looked for more eager to read it.


This particular volume collects 1-6

STORY: Similar to the Seven Soldiers of Victory, this comic is told through series of anthologies.

  1. Jerry Feldon, is nobody who calling the suicide hotline, because his life stuck in a rot: A nowhere job, without family and worse of all his tire of his inability but that all changes when he get to be superhero because of Dial H or does it?
  2. Matt Allen, a man who has everything and recently his found the one thing his missing from his life, thrill in the form of a hero. But what happens when Matt becomes addicted to that thrill?
  3. Andrea Allen, while trying to adopt to a new school, her father’s absence and the fact she can now become any hero she wants.

ART: Moderate, as it does it job of getting the points across and most the story is guided by the incredibly good writing that in composes this book. But I will say it no moment did I say, ugh what hideous thing.

Dail H 1

What great power comes great responsibility I do suppose

Dial H 3.png

The first transformation we see in the book

Dial H 4

The new Dial, again you can tell the art very simplistic

DIALOGUE: Every struggle the characters have is just as real as one you and I would face; suicide, depression, and feelings of frustration. The comic make great impression as to what wonderful feeling is to have powers and what even more amazing thing is to be capable of fulfilling your dreams of power, but as many Twilight Zone style stories there always a price.

Dial H 5.png

This one sort reminds me of the early science fiction comic, that had invader from Dimension X

Continues in: Never collected

CONCLUSION: Have you ever wonder what the Twilight Zone and a cast superheroes would be like? If your answer yes, well than say no more, this collection of stories quickly answer your question.

Look I am huge fan of the originally goofy idea of Dial H, and this was nothing like and that exactly why it requires a review.

The first few pages of this comic drew me in like few have, Jerry’s issues resonate with me in a way few comics have, because I struggle with all those things and would really having superpowers make any easier? If you looking for the answer to that, read the above issue I won’t spoiled it here.

Above all this was series I always wanted to see done, where characters struggle with their humanity and powers wouldn’t being jerks, without a horrible dash future with no hope exist. In a world so like ours and so different this book manage to capture something tons have fail, the human element.

As original fan of the Dial H, I have no problem with bring this tale to a more realistic and dark, much as how Batman and Green Arrow grew as characters from that. I’ll would suggest anyone interested in seeing the tale of superheroes from different angle that is all too human.



8 thoughts on “Review: “H-E-R-O: Vol 1 Powers and Abilities” by Will Pfeifer

  1. I also wrote a review of this trade, and I loved it. I had avoided this series when it was published, and only bought the trade after it was over. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went out and bought the rest of the single issues of the series.

    Unfortunately, after a few more good stories, the series too a much darker turn, and didn’t end well, in my opinion.

    1. I ignore at first, because I saw didn’t match up to my idea of Dial H, that had from the earlier days, then Dial H from new 52 came out. And that was pretty dark series, but like it.

      So then when back and read this and love the first stories, with guy dealing with suicide, wit the family splitting and just each story so different from the last one

      1. I actually finally got the two trades of the Nu52 Dial H series earlier this year (found some really cheap used print copies on Amazon). I didn’t like it all, just couldn’t understand it.

      2. Here question. Did you read the original run of Doom Patrol in Vertigo?

        Because it sort of mixture of that and the idea superhero personas are a “mask” so when you dial the mask, you rob some superhero in another universe of his power and worse you sort lose your identity.

        But I am into those metafictional concepts, and strange concepts

      3. I tried the first trade of Morrison’s run years ago, when I was first really getting into his work, but it didn’t grab me.

        I loved Flex Mentallo though.

      4. Morrison’s work require a very unique taste to get into it. You know I actually reworking this site and have review for Flex Mentallo, I love it.

        How come you like it?

      5. Hahaha I should post mine it very interesting because wrote during the time I was recovering from my surgery and had all sort stuff in my system

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