Review: “Prince Valiant Vol 1: The Prophecy” by Hal Foster

First I don’t own this amazingly origin copy of the great newspaper comic, instead I have the Prince Valiant 1937-1938. This reviews could only being possible with the help of my great friend Sean J. Easterling all credit falls upon him.

Story: From the noble origin of Thule and their trek upon the British’s marshes to the young Prince early childhood; were he learns to climb trees, horseback ridding, swimming and survival to much much more. He also encounters with those denizens of marshes who monstrous in shape and appearance alike. And at last his eventual meeting with the Knights of the Round Table, which directs toward Arthur himself and what his future holds for him.

Art: The art has this neo-classic look to it, with colors pallets of the early days but it artist heavily manipulated it in order to fit the needs. It just amazing that this was publish so many years ago before digital rendering and the tools we have today. I mean they were working with the minimum and yet were able to accomplished things that today on would require so much technological editing.

Scan of Prince.png

Actually I always taught giant crocodiles makes as closes thing to dragons

Scan of Prince 2.png

The mask that inspire Etrigan and if you ask me few scenes from Batman

Dialogue: Most of it is told through the narrator which reminiscent the European style of comics. As the comic also tries to maintains a historical accurate position in what is going on too. It’s upon the final pages we see Prince Valiant’s personality finally come alight, he is brave and bold as knight should be but prone to violence and yet possess intellect to revival many a men.


Scenes like this just tell us exactly what kind of guy our hero is

Continues in: Prince Valiant Vol 2: The Singing Sword

Conclusion: This is an excellent comic and quick and fast read. However it does not means it perfect, for example the early parts with the Prince in the marsh can feel as if they drag a bit too much. However the action quickly pick up upon the Prince encounter with the knights and his quest to liberate a lady, which feels right out one those amazing knight tales.

This comic also important because was inspiration for Víctor Mora in creating El Capitán Trueno, what you could say is the Spaniard version of Prince Valiant. And Jack Kirby’s Etrigan the Demon from the mask Prince Valiant wear.

Again this comic is retro but anyone who into comic should read it in order to get feel how the structure of story telling has change over the years.



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