Review: “Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” by Neil Gaiman

Sense I heard that this very story existed I wanted to read it, then I heard it was tied to the mega-arc that was Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. and then I had to have it.

This volume collects: Batman 685, Detective Comics 852, Secret Origins 36, Secret Origins Special 1 and Batman and Black and White 2.

STORY: Batman is dead and everyone is gathering for his wake. Except everyone is telling a different tale, just all the author who come before have told as of different Batman, eras of the Cape Crusader overlap as we see through the eyes of others what could possibly driven the rich playboy into his insane crusade against crime, until it finally won. The Batman is dead.

ART: This were thing just so amazingly well done, the artist. Imitate other art styles from the Killing Joke to the Long Halloween and Knight Fall, all with their own twist of that era. An epoch that was Batman continuity scribes in pages, in panels showing us how time has transgress for our hero and his cast. In one we see the rather angular and muscular Miller’s Batman and others we see his Adam Grant years in his bluish costume.

Batman 3.png

Just look at the casket and how Batman changes each time, that so amazing

Batman 4

Our hero is born and just like that

Batman 5.png

The wheel continue on

DIALOGUE: Gaiman must being tapping into the same pool of ideas that powers Morrison’s infinite ideas. Every bit of dialogue references early stories, from his pulp swashbuckling days to the hard boil detective. For example the part about Alfred mention how Bruce’s needed a formidable foe, how everything being a game. And act. How insane? But just how mad was the Cape Crusader.

batman 1

Again we see multiple storylines being reference in single page; Batman Year One, Knight Fall, Long Halloween and what gives everything Batman and Son

Batman 2

One of the most moving scene of the story

Continues on: Imaginary story 

CONCLUSION: Once again I will point out how Gaiman drank from the same cup as Morrison’s laying wake to a plethora of trivia and countless references which again is more of Morrison’s trope. Yet this was fantastic tale that took into the possibility of every Batman story being true because reality is shape, a malleable thing.

And here is where the fans become divided, lots of my friends do not enjoy this story because it feels like nothing is real, like all a dream at the end. What was the plot, what was really going on? If your really grounded sort of person, with solid continuity. This is not your story, now if you go more for the old school of mind that the world we see can be shaped and change be our very culture, then yes this your type of book.

Because what does for Batman, very different that what Alan Moore did for Superman in Whatever Happen to the Man of Tomorrow, in that story Alan Moore made Superman more human in this one, Batman is turn into living concept something that can lived through eras and ages. So quite the reverse affect. And for that I push to buy this book and read for yourself.



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