Review: “The Green Hornet Vol. 1: Bully Pulpit” by Mark Waid

I hate to admit, I only heard of the Green Hornet, which is travesty, to have never actually seeing him in the show, or read about this great part of history. In order to rectify my issue I when ahead and bought this little gem.

This issue collects 1-6

STORY: Green Hornet has slowly mascaraed and infiltrated the criminal underworld by playing the part of rogue crime lord. He watches with eyes as dirty cops, mob bosses take his city until he is ready to sting! But something is forming within the background, for during day the Green Hornet is Britt Reid, a young arrogant publisher of the Daily Sentinel who is out to expose the corruption in the city. But everyone is looking at Britt for him to expose the Green Hornet.

Green Hornet 1.pngEvery hero needs his ride


The Green Hornet 2.pngFantastic Intro

ART: It amazing and know we should not judge comic just their art, but man does it help. I just love the details they all in the right places, how the car and equipment looks just like you imagine it not better. Oh the actions, this book filled with it, hell you have enough to call every two pages into question, how this fight scene going to be different?But they are, each one more fluid than the last one, from Green Hornet physical attacks and gadgets to Kato’s martial arts, just all executed perfectly. On interesting note, I researched a bit and found out this not revamp outfit really, it the is Green Hornet original costume.

Green Hornet 6.png

I love the fluidity and the vivid colors, those flashy greens

Green Hornet 7.png

Another excellent example of panels and coloring, truly awesome

DIALOGUE: Very good, I was expect a large sum of pulp speeches but instead it keeps it self quite contemporary. There also sort of side plot that slowly elevates into a sort of conspiracy and getting into the mind, exactly what expect from Mark Waid. However the best part has to be the characters rationalizing their antagonistic behavior and Green Hornet willingness to cross the line one which Kato reminds him, he can’t comeback from. Just amazingly written.

Green Hornet 3.pngAnother amazing introduction to the world and remind us that the Shadow lives in it!

Green Hornet 4.png

I like how the top pages looks like Wikipedia article and the rest brings back to the story

Green Hornet 5Another continuity nod that excellently place

Continue in: The Green Hornet Vol. 2: Birth of a Villain

CONCLUSION: I think like many folks, my only encounter with the character was from Kato, and his amazing performance by Bruce Lee. I know my father who is admit Green Hornet and El Zorro fan could tell you everything, but in my shame I didn’t even know he was related to the Lone Ranger.

The character’s original costume was use here too, nothing of his origins were retool, just same old story with no storytelling so how can go so right? I say it the fact, we can about the Green Hornet, we see his struggles and it not just him there entire universe out there filled with corruption.

And this comic drops several amazing hints, from example there reference to the Shadow’s work in Chicago, and of other crime heroes. But what like the most is the fact, that the Green Hornet is not Batman, his not the Spirit, under Mark Waid, he is his own character. His nearly ruthless ways, his gadgets making a very interesting character and his if your like me new to the character, I say you should totally read this in order to get into the Green Hornet.



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