Review: “Lucky Luke Vol 48: Dick Digger’s Gold Mine” by Morris

I hunted for four years for English translation of this book, and I taught given up when Cinebook Ltd, publish the comic. Man, I am glad they exist.

Story: While at the saloon the old miner Dick Diggler mentions how he has just stroke gold and buys everyone a round of drinks, meanwhile two bandidos overhear him and plot to take his gold. That night they assault him and take his map, and its up to Lucky Luke to apprehend them and return the map with the gold.

lucky luke 6

This colors and look are very 40s

The second story involves the classic plot of someone who looks the same as Lucky Luke, name Mad Jim and two outlaws who knock out Luke and passed up as Mad Jim, while freeing the real criminal. Quickly Luke find himself chasing this doppelganger in order to clear this name.

lucky luke 8.png

The second story art seems to have improve in quality

Art: This art is so date it hurt to read it, but then you give a second glance at what Disney original art look like and you see where the similarity run in place. Characters with overly rounded faces, caricature guns and physical confrontation that look stray out one the early black and white Popeye cartoons. The second story art is bit and improvement with still silliness but darker edgier tone. Even some of the suggestions the art make are quite extreme for the era, today on we don’t even bath eye to them.

lucky luke 7.png

I think this looks like a lot like Brutus from Popeye

lucky luke 9

This taken from the second story and if you ask me, ahaha gallows humor

Dialogue: While this translation is quite good, the first one I read was in Spanish and it was quite bad. This however are faithful at most and still remain a humorous angle. This were the second story really shine, as the first one had little dialogue and was more an introduction.

Continues in: Lucky Luke Vol 49: The Dalton’s Amnesia

Conclusion: I am old time fan of the Lucky Luke series, but even I couldn’t remember what this use to look like. And like the Beatles who did first but not always the best this comic just like that. It uses simple formats that back then were acceptable but today seem so dated that we hardly have anything to grasp at.

As mention this the original Lucky Luke volume but it was publish much later on, possibly do to how poorly it could be view as. As later volume were quite excellent in comedic tone while this one was just a raw unformed one.

This is one volume I can honestly tell you that you can skip. I mean I love the old comic



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