Review: “Batman: The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore

This review is specially dedicated to my friends John, a fellow comic book fan and Alena, a webcomic artist that mention before who write and illustrate Cuttlefish.

STORY: Inside Arkham Asylum a man without a name, a psychopath plays a game again sanity itself, the Joker. Meanwhile in the pass a man without a name who is down on his luck after his comedy acts has earn him no money seek any way to keep his life afloat. All while his pregnant wife demand he gets a real job, he is approach by the Mob. Down on his luck he goes along with their plan becoming the Red Hood. In present day the Joker has escape the asylum and target Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara, playing a horrible game. In the past the man who the Red Hood learn his wife his dead, he doing this for nothing and tragic set of events has him jump into chemical pool to escape the Batman, one single bad day and this once family man has turn into the Joker. Meanwhile in the president the Joker, has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon and forcing Gordon to watch his injured daughter while strap in horror madhouse. It to Batman to locate Gordon before his driving mad be the Joker machinations.

Killing Joke 1

Batman and Joker play a deadly game

Killing Joke 2

What are they eating? And why does this remind me of Eraser Head?

ART: The combination of bright colors and disturbing imaginary sells this comic. Images of blood and torture are amplified with use of shadows that twist and turn things until one wonder what sort of deprived mind has conjure up this. Like said most of this image reminds me of Eraser Head and the bright red color of a horror movie were blood is the focus.

Killing Joke 3
Look upon that frame, it the entire Batfamily!
Killing Joke 4
And here we see a bit of retro history

Killing Joke 5

Killing Joke 6
This color choice is incredibly our focus on everything red

DIALOGUE: There is strong focus on the physiologic effect that can drive sane person to snap. From one single day a family man can become something horrible. Or perhaps the duality of Batman’s tragic one day compare to Joker’s one day. They are mirror shades, thing Moore had master years before other writers even attempted to. And all this perfectly writing in this book.

Killing Joke 7
A man brought down, a life broken
Killing Joke 8
A mad men ride
Killing Joke 9
Such image would drive a man insane
Killing Joke `10
How the Joker was made
Killing Joke 11
Oh what human dilemma

Continues on: One-shot

Killing Joke 12
I would never imagine anyone pulling the cowl
Killing Joke 13
I think fare share of us have eaten this sermon

CONCLUSION: This story created the solid ground that gave us the Joker’s backstory which being use in countless movies and echos through DC.

Did you know my friend John took his once and future bride to go see a late night showing of the Killing Joke? I say any woman who accept such offer is fine damn woman! And just like the characters in this story that one day would echo through John’s life but like some Twilight Zone episode let us go back to the player’s of today; Let us compare that faithful day, to the worse day in a man life, what drove the Joker to his insanity, what drove Batman to his mad campaign against injustice. One day. One day that Gordon endure too.

And this comic those excellent proposition into what the world of madness can be, into the Joker’s campaign to give into antisocial behavior that is self destructive and worse, those not allow for any hope. It this world that I also sign up for and was card carrying members for years. I would totally suggest you guys reads this.



One thought on “Review: “Batman: The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore

  1. Oh thanks cuttlefish shout out!
    I remember that night. he gave me about an hours notice for a midnight showing. I wore the bat man t-shirt I got on clearance for 5 bucks, and I was extremely confused as to weather or not this was suppose to be a date.
    My husband is a big fan of bat man (an even bigger fan of aqua man.) and the only thing he really knew about me was that I was a comic artist that loved animated movies.
    It was a fun night. I do believe that the comic had better composition in a lot of scenes than the movie, also the whole thing that the movie did with bat girl was incredibly frustrating and could have been completely removed from the film without actually hurting the plot.
    Thanks for making the review man, it was cool.

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