Review: “Dark Engine Vol 1: The Art of Destruction” by Ryan Burton

I knew nothing of this comic jumping into it, other than this had a fascinating looking cover and the name sounded interesting. I notice a growing trend with Image, well what can I say other than a company that produces a lot it own unique material.

This particular volume collects issues 1-4

STORY: In far flung future society has crumble on the wake of deadly wave of spores produces by monsters, know as sporedevils and their leader simple refer to as Dragons. A last refuge of humans who live in a tower, create a synthetic human know as Sym and send back in time to destroy the origin of all their misery.

dark engine 1

I don’t think single human soul has any idea what going this comic

ART: Well that visuals are just fantastic, with insane amount of gore and flesh pumping action to keep you going. But does it pick up it weight like others comics with bad art but good stories? Sadly no.

dark engine 2

One thing is the middle of the story another thing is this…

DIALOGUE: The conversation are brutal and show how the world has change from it once peaceful nature to land of doom and desperation. Carnage exit in both sides, the brutality of the world shown in their inner monologues.

dark engine 3.png

Continuous in: Yet to be announce

CONCLUSION: I read a lot of reviews before doing this one, I mean perhaps I miss something…nope, everyone just as confuse as me. But one reviewer said it best, while this story is complete mess and jumble of ideas, it could be possible that once it get to the end, we see the bigger picture and we are all shock. But for now, not it all.

I wanted to like this story, really did. Like an American Berserk or another Conan take, I mean that sort of what the tagline give you and image in your mind for, but it nothing like that. It sort like Game Throne double crossing and with bright new unique world that should be Lovecrafting enough to enjoy, but they gave us nothing. Nothing to grasp at, and that why this comic fail for me.

This adult theme comic, so only pick up if your fine with nudity and gore but my final verdict, this not truly worth it for now. Maybe once all collected and we see were the story goes.



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