Review: “Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man” by Tom King

My friend Sean purchased this comic, and told me instantly I should read it, for perhaps weeks I made excuses not to, after all I am not big fan of the Vision and had lot more in my plate (Grant Morison Epic) and finally when one of our non-comic book reader friends, said you have to, I said alrighty I will, and drag my feet. Then I read it, and my gosh was I shock.

First this not superhero book, this a book about drama and social life, with that said let get to business.

Collects issue 1-6

STORY: After rebooting his system the Vision feels incline to be more humans, in doing so he create a family for himself compose of a wife, Virginia. Two teenage twins, Viv and Vin and they move into the suburbs. Soon evident no one is ready for robot family nor the strange thing they bring with them…

The Vision.png

With introduction like this you known this comic is going to be good!

the Vision 2.png

Oh man even heroes worry about how to pay the bills

ART: At first it took me a bit to get use to it, it like granny and sandpaper like but soon the story overshadow it. And as the pages roll, you learn it fits well with enough detail to move the story along and give us the impression the Vision and his family are expressionless but still able to produce emotions and another big part of the art, is how it combines with the writing to make even most strange situation normal, and countless normal moments into perfectly strange superhero life.

the Vision 4.png

Well this foreboding 

the Vision 5.png

As always I enjoy the artistic choice of gray scales and red blood

DIALOGUE: Now this my sort of Vision, this feel like a combination of Phillip K. Dick book and Stephen King, just amazing perspective into the character’s head the time. There some amazing thing said from the point view of robots, some dark foreshadowing and best of all lies with good intention. That reminds that family more complicated that saving the world, for saving your family from the world is the real deal.

the vision 3.png

We have all been here, doubting if this love or something less

the vision 6.png

Now this what call real superhero business, juggling family life and work!

Continues in: Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast

CONCLUSION: I when from having no interest in the Vision, or this book to all sudden wanting to read every bit of all over again. This as said not about of heroes, but a book about life, about not fitting in. And who hasn’t been the odd kid in school? The new guy at work.

This a perfect masterpiece using robot -no synthazoids ahaha, I had to use that, and the jokes and quirks of this comic are just as good as it philosophy. Dude you ever think that family of synthetic lifeform could be so interesting, so dark and our world so brutal?

But the best moment came when the Vision, remind us how many times he saved us, not once not twice, but 17 times! And we are giving him grief, no sir.

This excellent book, because if your not Marvel fan, you read as exploration into a character, not comic fan, it science fiction book and if your any of them, then thrill ride.



2 thoughts on “Review: “Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man” by Tom King

    1. Oh dude this such a good comic, because it not about “bham the world about to be destroy” or “oh no he knows my weakness” no, it about how incredibly hard it to have family and how no one ever gives you proper thank you

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