Review: “Dark Corridors: The Complete Series” by Rich Tommaso

This is my last review of the year. This obviously means it New Years folks.

I have pass by Dark Corridors a countless times, the cover inspire me to pick up several times, but one time or another I had something else to read, so I never got around it. This time I was like, what going to be the years final review? And bang! That comic I was skipping for a long time.

This collects issue 1-7

STORY: Peter Prego is having a late night at his house when suddenly at his windows shows up, a bloody bit bull, after cleaning the animal, Peter heads to town to try to find it owner. But he runs into a nasty scene all too common in Red Circle, the mob ruled city he inhabits. Pete waste no time and calls his buddies Johnny Collins a small time thief and Carter Fox a bend cop who just got out the slammer, but as the trio searches the nasty scene they discovered someone murdering the big shots of Red Circle, all while seven women watch there actions.

Dark Corridors.pngThe star of something dark and beautiful friendship

Dark Corridors 4.pngMurder is in the air


Dark Corridors 6I see why the cover art is what its now


ART: This some very overly simplistic art reminded, that first took some getting use to. This is no Sin City or overly strange proportions like the early days of Spawn. And while many will turn away because the art, I say continue on. This comic support itself on story telling.

Dark Corridors 2.pngChase scene in a comic book? Now that new!

Dark Corridors 8Actions can easily be found all over this comic, and some good one too

Dark Corridors 7.pngA day in the life of criminal


DIALOGUE: Like most comic with rather weak art this one support itself using it dialogue, characters are flesh-out as criminals with their own desires and fears, not simple a two-bit act. One the most amazing parts is deliver through series of flashbacks and monologues letting us know what has lead to the characters such terrible choices. Another thing to point out is that this characters are all killers, criminals and lowlifes and the writer has to double the work for you to believe and like them. Writing scumbags and make them like cable is true challenge.

Dark Corridors 9.pngThis is some pretty creative art

Dark Corridors 10.pngBeing artist and writers requires a lot, moments like this make everything shine

CONTINUES IN: Limited Series

CONCLUSION: At first I didn’t know exactly what to make of this series and then as the radio played “Papa was Rolling Stone” by the Temptations it was if the action and the song were mixing so perfectly, that was absorbed into the world of Red Circle. Within no time I had finish issue 1, and was already checking down issue 2 while eating and listening to more funk music. In one night I was done with this volume, and I head physical therapy and work early, but just felt I had to finish it.

I even look over the author’s notes and looked up several the works he mentions and inspire him.

Look I loved how the story intertwines between the Seven Deadly Sisters, those the women after the mob bosses and the Red Circle, and no matter what review you come across they mention this series similarities to Quintet Tarantino and sure the man has some part to play in it. But to me this was Across 110th Street and In the Heat of the Night, both excellent thrillers. But the comic also had lots of action like those films of Bullit, Escape from New York and the French Connection and make this comic all the more excellent. And I know many reviewers who will disagree on me with this one. There is an immense focus on cars, which interesting as most comic writers never seem to quite get it down.

Now for the negative part of this review, yes this art is very simplistic as mention before which has the sad affect of making scenes, seem rather childish or not taken serious and some scenes seem quite strange, like the angles are wrong. The other problem is we are told tons of times this some of the best guys in the business of the mob, but they killed off so fast we left to wonder, so let too much telling but not enough showing. And those were my few complains.

I obviously don’t recommend this story for anyone under 18, or who dislike gore. But if you want new thriller murder story this is were to go.



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