Review: “Manifested Destiny Vol 1: Flora and Fauna” by Chris Dingess

I was referred to this series by my friend, Ryan. Because of our mutual love of frontiers pioneers and my personal fascination with history, and the secrets behind it.

This particular volume collects 1-6

STORY: Lewis and Clark famous explores are set by United States government to map the new lands, reason with any tribes they come across and use for if they must. The ship with is composed of convicts and soldiers at first seem weary of all the firepower brought into the ship. But as soon as they land strange sinister things starts to happen, as clear there something alive within the forest. As the group is attacked by buffalo headed centaurs that hunger for human flesh, our group tries to reach La Charette, a fortress that the last remains of colonial United States, however they quickly find the residents missing and only upon coming in contact with disease citizens who turn into plant zombies do they discovered what happened. Now up to them to survive, discover and continue on their journey.

manifested destiny 1.pngWhile I must say I first figure this was exploration book, I was proven quite wrong

manifested destiny 4.pngOne the greatest thing about the comic that spares no moments

ART: Gorgeous visuals, vivid greens of the forest and the later plant zombies are incredibly well detailed. The later monster design takes particular horror qualities and spectacular look to it. Many of the monsters have hint of Native Americans to keep with the theme. Weaponry and clothing is also quite spot on with backgrounds being lush and vivid.

manifested destiny 2.pngSilent panels like this are beautiful to adore

manifested destiny 3.pngI love the colors choices here it like you can feel it and smell them

DIALOGUE: I admit the writing is very good and from earlier on we see that the characters goals very different. The convicts can’t be trusted as they wish to take control, while soldiers only wish go home, Clark’s interested is in charting everything and hunger for discovery while Lewis is more militaristic. While they as characters are not developed much, much the writing when into the world.

manifested destiny 5.pngThe plant zombies have enough detail to be terrifying and awesome the same time 

Manifested destiny 6.pngI am quite interested in just what going with her too

Continues in: Manifested Destiny Vol 2: Amphibia and Insecta

CONCLUSION: The story had somewhat of slow start that nearly let me to believe the convict were going to be the main focus or perhaps antagonist, but that is not the case. Good technique there. While the action quickly pick up our heroes seem to be well equip with plot armor that allowed them to escape any and every situation unharmed. The last parts with character showing up was interesting but curios to say the least and the ending I think came up too abruptly.

I will say in the last few years Image done wonderful job at keeping with interesting writers and unique idea, I take my hat off to you guys. My recent pulled has increase quite bit from them.



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