Review: “Barbarella: Deluxe Edition” by Jean-Claude Forest

This review goes out to one of my best friends David “Dave” Mclaughlin, who is not fan of comics but the original movie Barbarella and Fonda, truly who isn’t? The woman made babe in space into a trope of the B-movies. Ok so without any further delay here its!

STORY: Barbarella is woman who fares the stars and who lust only equal to the countless celestial bodies, but she been hurt by a man before and while trying to forget him. She runs into gardens of Crystallia where beautiful flower bloom in a barren world, discover by the scientist Dianthus who helps her and but there more deadly side to this plot, as she quickly become involved in civil war escalation. But this one the many conflict our heroine is involved, from god worshiping pirates, to insane hunters looking for the final thrills in genetic creatures to a mad queen of mad realm.

Barbarella 1.pngA girl wonders the stars. Have space suit -Will Travel


barbarella 3As one can guess from her name, the woman is seductress of men!


ART: This very unique type of art using limited lines with a lot of sketched in between, this sort of style was very common in the horror genre of the USA market but not usual for the French, what even more bizarre the color choice, blue. Yes gentleman, the entire comic is in a hue of blue with very little shades and ton of use of negative space. To me it wonderful refreshing it your looking at artist notepad with his pen still fresh.

Barbarella 6.pngThe fur bikini make it glamorous appearance


Barbarella 8Death by toys! This a real mind twister, I taught this was erotic comic



DIALOGUE: The early dialogue is very cliche and hardly what you even call good, it upon the second story that things take more science fiction aspect with the later dropping the usual plot device of sex for some real mess up stuff, I mean talking about playing with your mind. As mention before the comic early relies on it being an erotic works, and while that never quite drops Barbarella find herself in hell of situations that have no part in sexy time!

Barbarella 7.pngSpace London! Now this what call science fiction trope in the making

Barbarella 9.pngIn the future he would ask us to Save a Prayer and that he was Hungry like a Wolf

Continues in: Barbarella: The Wraith of the Minute-Eater

CONCLUSION: I was really expecting something else, like the Authority level crude or Punisher MAX tittle stuff, but actually it quite soft. I guess back then such graphic display could being seeing as horrendous, but today it just slap on the wrist, well hell that don’t say something about our society, I don’t know what!

If your looking for science fiction trope, bet is Barbarella got it. I mean the comic got everything from carnivorous flowers, alien telepaths, robot butlers, swashbucklers and the monarchy in mars! The early stuff was can however be a bit thick. I mean plot was rip out the most common trope, or perhaps back the 60s it was not some overly use? I bet gotcha thinking. It upon the next chapter that the story really start to spin, given us the sensation that we can encounter anything! And mean anything 19century base aliens with explanation, societies form in fear from the changing seasons and immortal beings worship like gods. It not really until the final chapter with the queen that we really see Barbarella turn into the hero, she star using her head and trying to save those around her. If anything I was impress with her character grow from sex maniac to pragmatic hero, another thing is she not really dumb, if anything she quite clever.

One last fact the strange hermit call Duran who name is use in the movie adaptation, which slightly changes his name to Duran Duran, well it that name the New Wave band Duran Duran would use, how about that! Who said comic don’t rule the world?

I actually highly praise this comic and one that any collector would be interested in having. Check out you enjoy the ride!



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